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Neo Patch Instructions

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Please read ALL the instructions and caution notes before starting your repair. 
Wash product that is to be repaired in fresh water and allow to completely dry.
(Do not attempt to repair an area that is not completely dry)

Aqua-Neo-Patch Instructions.
Aqua-Neo-Patch will provide a clean and permanent repair to any neoprene wetsuit, single or double lined if you follow these simple directions carefully.

Special note for single lined suits:
If you are repairing the unlined surface of your wetsuit, clean the unlined surface for repair with an acetone product like nail varnish remover,
this will remove the impurities from the surface of the raw neoprene that may resist the heat activated adhesive. Neo Patch works best on the nylon
lined side of a suit. If you have a gash on a single lined area, we advise also using “STXsure” To support the Neo-Patch. In this case, the Neo-Patch
would be applied to the inside (the lined side) and the "STXsure" would be used to fill the gash and seal the outside of the suit. This procedure
will give a permanent and professional finish
CAUTION; always test the cleaning product to make sure that it does not cause damage to the neoprene

Cut the Aqua-Neo-Patch with sharp scissors to cover desired area. The Aqua-Neo-Patch material should be at least 25mm larger on all sides than damaged area..

Place product that is to be repaired on a firm and secure heat-proof surface. Place patch shiny side down over area to be repaired.

Pre-heat a household iron to DRY, no steam and on Acrylic or Nylon. NOTE: this setting may be LOW or Delicate on some irons. The temperature range for Aqua Neo Patch and standard neoprene is 135°C to 170°C or (275°F to 340°F).  It is advisable to make a test on your neoprene at the lower end of the temperature range using the heat shielding paper prior to embarking on the repair proper. An iron that is too hot may damage your neoprene. Under no circumstances allow the temperature on your iron to exceed 170°C (340°F)

  • Place the Aqua Neo Patch over the damaged area with the heat sensitive adhesive coating (the shinny side) against the damaged neoprene.
  • Do not cut the heat shielding paper.
  • Cover the entire Aqua Neo Patch with the full size heat shielding paper.
  • Using your pre-heated household iron, press Aqua Neo Patch down firmly for 10 seconds.
  • Lift and rotate iron, press down firmly again for approx. 15 more seconds.

Allow a few minutes for cooling. Check to see if material is secure.
NOTE (for large area repairs you will need to repeat this process to secure entire Aqua Neo Patch area)

This is the completed repair on a double lined wetsuit

This is the completed repair on a single lined wetsuit

If the Aqua-Neo-Patch does not fully adhere to your wetsuit it is probably due to either:

  • The iron not being hot enough.
  • The "iron on" process was too short in time scale, remember the "iron on" process must be done twice!
  • Not enough pressure was applied to the Aqua-Neo-Patch during the "iron on" process.
  • The wetsuit has not been rinsed well enough in fresh water.
  • The wetsuit was not completely dry before the application

CAUTION: Any material subjected to long periods of extreme heat can be damaged. The times we have suggested
are averages. We suggest you try a small test piece before attempting larger repairs.