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About Blue Chip Board Store

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Blue Chip SUP - Surf & Windsurfing - Spanning 2 centuries since 1980

Knowledge through 50 years experience has built our reputation, Brian has been involved in the watersports industry one way or another since 1965. And in 1980 Brian founded his Blue Chip Board Store. No one knows SUP like Blue Chip.
Blue Chip is ideally placed to guide you through the diverse marketplace of SUP..
Blue Chip has been the largest UK supplier of SUP boards and products in the UK, nothing replaces knowledge from experience. Through personal recommendation and reputation, this trend continued to build and and as early as 2012 we secured our position as the No1 SUP retailer, knowledge base and inflatable SUP supplier in the UK.


Brian Johncey trading as Blue Chip Board Store has the following service divisions with logical trading names which are:

  • Blue Chip
  • Blue Chip Board Store
  • Blue Chip Windsurfing Store
  • Blue Chip Surf Store
  • Blue Chip SUP Store
  • Blue Chip i-SUP Store
  • Blue Chip Board Repairs
  • Blue Chip Sail Repairs

All the above are trading names of Brian Johncey

Brian Johncey’s Blue Chip is the oldest family run Windsurfing, Surfing and Stand Up Paddleboarding centre in the UK. In1980 Brian founded Blue Chip, the Windsurfing and Surfing store along with Express Windsurfing and Surfboard Repairs, Brian has been working with Structural Polymer fibres and resins for many years. Brian started building and repairing white water canoes back in 1965 as a volunteer youth activities leader. Brian soon gained the reputation of a master repairer in man made structural polymer materials where a strength to weight ratio was the prime requisite then just a few years later added the sail repairing arm to the already successful supply and repair business.

When SUP came to the UK, Brian and his Blue Chip SUPer Club were the first to embraced this new water sport. Blue Chip soon gained a reputation as a leading SUP store and knowledge base for SUP. At Blue Chip, customer service, reputation and experience matters.
During his career, Brian has been a canoe, sub aqua, windsurfing and SUP instructor / trainer, RYA Powerboat level 3, RYA level 2 Dinghy, RYA open water windsurfing instructor and has successfully completed the Academy of Surfing Instructors course to become the First UK qualified SUP instructor to ASI levels 1 & 2. Brian has also qualified as an "Activity First Aider" and has a "National Rescue Award" from the Royal National Life Saving Society and also has an enhanced CRB certificate, so you can be sure that Blue Chip SUP is the real deal.
The Blue Chip SUPer Club has a massive following with over 200,000 viewings following our paddle adventures.
  • Blue Chip has been and at the forefront of SUP in the UK since the beginning. Check out our Blue Chip SUPer Club, we are not just following a trend and jumping on the band wagon, we're setting the trend and moving the sport forward all the time.
  • SUP or Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the great new sport taking the world by Storm; SUP is easy to learn and is not only good fun it’s a great way to keep fit, SUP will work all the core muscle groups & improve your balance. Flat water cruising or riding small waves, SUP is accessible to all. Come and join us at Blue Chip on one of our weekly trips on the rivers, or canals where we will call in at a riverside pub somewhere along the way. Click here for more details on our unique SUPer Club outings and adventures.

Blue Chip SUP - Surf & Windsurfing since 1980

  • Blue Chip is the oldest continually run family Windsurfing / Surf & SUP store in the UK. Since 1980 Blue Chip has specialised in the supply and servicing of Windsurfing, Surfing and since 2008 SUP products
  • Blue Chip is the UK partner for Gun Sails the fastest growing windsurfing brand in Europe.
  • The Blue Chip retail shop doesn't advertise anywhere, yet we have a database of well over 20,000 customers, (mail order and personal callers) from all over the country and because the Blue Chip retail shop doesn't have any advertising costs, we can offer prices and deals that are probably the cheapest in the whole of the UK.

Blue Chip Express Repairs since 1970

Brian Johncey has been working with Structural Polymer fibres and resins for many years. Brian started by building and repairing white water canoes back in 1970 and soon gained the reputation of a master repairer in man made structural polymer materials where a strength to weight ratio was the prime requisite.

In 1980 Brian founded Blue Chip Windsurfing and Express Windsurfing and Surfboard Repairs, then just a few years later added the sail repairing arm to the already successful repair business.

Blue Chip Express Repairs is the largest iSUP, surfboard, sail, wing & kite repair workshop facility in the UK. We repair all makes of boards and sails here on the premises to insurance standards. Most of our repairs are completely invisible. All of our repair work carries a Blue Chip Guarantee.

iSUP Board Repairs 

  • Blue Chip iSUP Repairs has become the leading repair shop for inflatable SUP, single skin dropstitch, double laminated fusion technology and the latest woven dropstitch technology.
  • Fin Box replacements:- First to pioneer and perfect laser alignment for replacing fin boxes.
  • Seam ruptures:- First to repair seam ruptures with triple layer invisible seam bonding and pressure tested
  • Punctures:- First to give a 3-year warranty on puncture impact holes and cut repairs
  • Valves:- serviced or replaced
  • FSC & Scotty accessory mounts:- anchor points & cargo nets fitted
  •  Click here for more details


  • Over the years Brian's Blue Chip Express Repairs has kept pace with all the new constructional technologies including the use of Kevlar, Dyneema, Spectra and Carbon laminates. Repair construction processes include vacuum bag and monocoque construction techniques as well as thermo welding for the polypropylene boards.
  • Surfboard repairs have become an important part of the repair service that Blue Chip offers. Blue Chip now undertakes surfboard repairs for private customers as well as some of the major airlines when accidentally damaged occurs during air freight.

 Wingfoiling Wing Repairs

  • Blue Chip repairs Wingfoil Wings to the highest standards including leading edge tubes, struts and the wings themselves
  • Blue Chip have recently advanced their sewing machine capability to include the lightest ripstop kite and wing materials now used in Wings and Kites including the latest stitching patterns used on Wings and Kites
  • We carry stocks of high-quality dimension polyant and Airx fabrics with double ripstop weave to give exceptional burst and tear resistance in a good selection of mainstream colours..

Windsurfing Sail Repairs

  • Blue Chip recently up graded their sewing capability by investing in a "state of the art" sewing machine built to their specification in Germany. This new sewing machine not only copes with all the latest stitching patterns as used on the latest windsurfing sails.

Dinghy Sail Repairs

  • Blue Chip has also increased the capability of their dinghy sail repair service and regularly undertakes insurance work across a variety of dinghies and catamarans.

 Impartial Repair & Warranty Assessments

  • Many of the specialised windsurfing and sailing insurance companies such as Noble Marine, Viking Sailsafe,
    Bishop Skinner, Newton Crum, Colin Curtis, and the manufacturers have grown to trust the expertise and impartial judgment on damage, warranty and repair assessment offered by Blue Chip.