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Starboard Paddles

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Do not under estimate the importance of choosing a good
Carbon Paddle
 "In the World of paddles, Carbon is King"

100% carbon only refers to the fibres used, not what style of carbon or how much carbon is in the paddle.
Neither does it tell you how much resin or fillers are used...

Starboard lead the way in high strength and lightweight paddle construction
you only have to try them to feel the difference


Complete paddles  - Phone for stock levels 0208 715 0040
Complete paddles   Shaft Blade Blade shape Blade size Price
Tiki Tech Hybrid Carbon Round Tiki Tech Enduro S  
M £135
Tiki Tech Hybrid Carbon Oval Tiki Tech Bolt S  
M £155
Complete paddles   Shaft Blade Blade shape Blade size Price
Carbon  Carbon Round Carbon Lima Ltd S  
M £349
        L £349
Carbon Carbon Oval Carbon Lima Ltd S  
M £349
        L £349
Travel Paddle 3 part Hybrid Carbon Round  Tiki Tech Lima M £219
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Starboard and Blue Chip take a giant step for paddles by offering the first performance paddle that can be supplied in component form. Blue Chip can even assemble your paddle for you. This means that you could have one complete paddle for flat water and also have a smaller length shaft for waves and a 3 part shaft for travel. You will be able to change your blade size for differing conditions.

  • The blade's size can be compared to the gears of a bike: the higher the gear or the smaller the blade, the less effort each stroke consumes with less forward motion generated. The lower the gear or the bigger the blade, the more energy will be expended and the more forward motion generated.

  • Smaller blade sizes are recommended for long paddle sessions; lighter people, or those with a high cadence stroke. Larger blade sizes provide immediate power, with only a few strokes enabling fast and late drops into waves. A large blade also gives more area to "lean on" while wave riding.

  • The angle of the paddle blade; through the water and the blade's size dictate the power and efficiency of your stroke. Our blades are foiled to minimize drag and maximize power transfer throughout the stroke. A well-balanced paddle blade squanders little energy.

  • A blade's weight is the most important factor in the paddle's weight; as the blade is furthest away from the body, thus requires the most energy to move. A lighter blade translates to less energy consumption per stroke and a longer more enjoyable session or better race results.

  • Starboard have reduced the Carbon blades weight by 35% since last year by developing lighter carbon laminates and you will feel the difference immediately when paddling.

  • Our complete High Aspect adult carbon paddles start at just 408g

  • A longer, narrower blade with a flatter profile; which combines power with a forgiving feel perfect for racing; the choice of champions.

  • The High Aspect is a very efficient deeper; narrower blade designed for the most demanding racers. Its high aspect ratio shape offers more torque for a similar size blade, resulting in better thrust and higher speed over distance. The blade feels like it provides more power for less effort. Biaxial Carbon provides greater flex.

Blue Chip tests the High Aspect Bolt Paddle design

  • You will feel the extra length of the High Aspect Bolt blades right away. You will immediately feel the benefit of the extra reach with the high aspect blade as well as superb catch on the blade entry coupled with a seemingly effortless recovery phase of the stroke.

  • The narrow blade profile provides a comfortable connection from the moment the blade enters the water. Bolt blades slide effortlessly into the catch phase with no big snatch of load on the blade as you power up compared to the “tear drop”. As you progress into the “power” phase and squeeze the blade further below the surface the catch remains positive throughout the “power” phase.

  • A not insignificant benefit of high aspect Bolt blades is the lack of effort required for the recovery element. The Bolt will just slip out of the water sideways with very minimal resistance

Dihedral or no Dihedral – that is the question.

  • Lower aspect blades: These seem to work best with a dihedral to help stop the feathering during the power phase, however, the dihedral should only be slight as the objective of the blade is to remain stationary in the water, therefore a dihedral should not come in to play until the blade is pulled through the water.

  • High Aspect blades: These seldom have dihedrals designed in. High aspect blades typically have very subtle design features like rebound scoop tips which negate the need for dihedrals and allow the blade to catch and remain static in the water.