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Blue Chip; spanning two centuries has over 40 years of experience driven knowledge, it's no wonder Blue Chip SUP Store is the No1 SUP Supplier in the UK. Come and visit us at our High Street Store, we open our doors at 07:30, Blue Chip - more than just an internet store

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Complete paddle weight
from 408 gms
Complete paddle weight
from 440 gms
Complete paddle weight
from 780 gms
Not just a short version of
an adults paddle


Remember, the description of "100% carbon" means that the only fibers in the construction are carbon.
It does not indicate which type of carbon is used, or how much resin and the resin fillers are also present.

Starboard leads the way in high strength and lightweight paddle construction
you only have to try them to feel the difference

Ask to see a cross section of the paddle you are about to purchase
Blue Chip has all the construction cross sections on display in the store

Here is a selection of varying qualities of 100% carbon paddle shaft cross sections

  1. shows a 100% construction with minimal resin to give minimal eight, maximum strength and an engineered flex.
  2. shows an oval shaft with engineered side walls to give maximum strength where it is needed with minimal weight.
  3. shows a heavy, random and thick undefined shaft wall.
  4. shows a wide diameter thick walled heavy inflexible shaft.
  5. shows a narrow diameter thick walled heavy inflexible shaft.
  6. a shaft with over 50% resin in the construction, resulting in heavy low impact resistance.
  7. shows another heavy, undefined shaft wall with random layup and wall thickness.

Come down to Blue Chip and we will show you what your paddle is really made of..

Blue Chip holds the largest stocks of SUP boards and paddles in London and the UK. We offer the best package deals available.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Thames from Teddington & Kingston to Shepperton & Chertsey twice a week, every week. Blue Chip has been a professional water sports store since 1980 and at the forefront of SUP in the UK since the beginning. Check out our Blue Chip SUPer Club online blog with 200,000+ viewings, we are not just following a trend and jumping on the band wagon, we're setting the trend and moving the sport forward all the time. Blue Chip is probably the leading SUP store and SUP school in the UK.

We have the best array of SUP accessories available in the UK and always at the best prices. We’re constantly on the lookout for more great value Stand-up Paddleboarding gear, so if we don’t have something that you’re after, please let us know. We’ll do our best to find it!

Do not under estimate the importance of choosing a good
Carbon Paddle
 "In the World of paddles, Carbon is King"

"The most important item in your SUP equipment; The Paddle..! After all, this is a paddle sport and the paddle is so often overlooked as an afterthought. The paddle is what drives you through the water, the engine, your direct connection to convert your effort into performance. It would not be irrational to advise you to choose and buy a very good paddle fitted to you, and then see what you have left in the coffers to buy your board. Like a lot of SUP suppliers, at Blue Chip  we offer a free standard paddle with most new boards just to help you get into the sport, but we advise you to treat this Free paddle as a temporary paddle and upgrade to a good carbon model fitted to your paddling style as soon as you can afford to do so. A good paddle fitted to match your paddling style and action should not be underestimated. The paddle and your paddle action is more important to your performance than the board." 

Brian Johncey - water sports instructor since 1974 - first ASI qualified SUP instructor in Europe.

Looks aren't everything:
Wooden and Kevlar paddles look very sexy and ethnic. However, wood is a natural material and its weight and flex cannot be guaranteed to be replicated, Kevlar is a ballistic material with good tensile strength properties but both are relatively heavy compared to carbon.

A well designed paddle blade and shaft is less than half of what makes a high performance paddle; the construction is the element that makes the paddle work. "This is the difference between a good paddle and a truly outstanding paddle   

100% Carbon, is this all you need to know?
100% carbon means just that - “the only fibres used in the construction are carbon”, it doesn’t give the ratio of carbon fibres to resin.
Some 100% carbon shafts can have less than 50% carbon fibres; the rest of the makeup is cured resin and fillers. Cured resin is a brittle element. When you are next looking for a new carbon paddle, ask to see a clean cut cross section of the shaft so you can see the carbon content. We have cross sections of all of our paddles here in store.

Tried and Tested:
All Carbon paddles supplied by Blue Chip have been tried and tested. Their shafts have been cross sectioned to view the build quality, these shaft cross sections are available for anyone to see in store.

"Good enough" is not "good enough" at Blue Chip:
Blue Chip only supply performance paddles made from 100% pre-preg carbon layups,  produced with controlled high pressure processing techniques which remove every gram of excess resin, leaving the finished product ultra-strong and ultra-light. The flex characteristics are engineered into the blades and shafts by using particular weaves of carbon fibres and arranging them with precise positioning to achieve the designers desired flex control. The results are outstanding and every paddle produced in this way is precisely the same as the designers sign off paddle. Starboard paddles are world leaders in 100% pre-preg carbon performance paddles.