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Why choose an inflatable

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We’ve been using and selling inflatable boards since 2008 and have always believed riding an inflatable shouldn’t mean compromise on performance, design or quality. Inflatables are now stiffer and more durable than ever before and have been designed so you can paddle anywhere.

Brian Johncey has over 50 years of water sports experience driven knowledge


The advantages of Inflation:

Owning an inflatable SUP board gives so many advantages over a hard shell board especially now that you no longer have to compromise on quality, performance or design. Inflatables are now super stiff due the their construction technology.



Most of the boards also have extra stringers laminated into the construction as well as extra skin layering and torsion bands which all add up to a formidable stiffness and longevity.



If you choose the right iSUP, you will have one of the most durable boards in the world, We have been using iSUP boards in our SUP school and hire centre since 2008, they require the minimum of maintenance and storage

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All the boards we supply use proven technology which allows them to be designed without compromise to perform on a level with hard boards but with the convenience of an inflatable.

Taking your board with you wherever you go is what inflatables are all about, but that wouldn’t mean much if they compromised on performance.






We don’t stock or supply any low quality products and all of our boards will give you an authentic sup experience that is not attainable with any of the low quality alternatives.




Inflatable SUP boards offer you the ultimate in convenience for travel, storage, durability and comfort under foot.


The added bonus is Airline travel... No more renting a board when on holiday, paddle where you want and when you want.



Which Inflatable board for you ?

Let our 50 + years of water sports experience guide you through the decision making to find the right inflatable. Cruising, Touring, Crossover, Racing, Surfing, Whitewater. We hold them all in stock and ready to ship..





We can offer you a clear understanding of differing models and how they paddle.