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The SUP Lessons run on the principle of safety, knowledge, fun and more fun.
You’re in safe hands:
The Paddleboard School team of instructors have been bringing Paddleboarding to the local community since 2008

This is a great sport involving lots of fun and at the same time low impact exorcise
for your central core muscle group, legs, arms and general balance

If you need to know more details, just send an email to:

What should I bring for a SUP taster session?

Paddleboarding is not a falling in sport. Virtually none of our clients fall in – and any dunkings that have occurred (are almost always due to over-exuberance
(and thus entirely avoidable if you want to stay dry)

So you’re not actually going to get wet, you really don’t need any special kit for paddleboarding
(unless you’re going out in the waves, which is not on the agenda for any of our taster sessions). However, if you want to play safe there would be no harm in having a change of clothing and a towel in your car for your first few sessions, just in case.

Your feet are the only part of your body that will come into contact with the water, but boards have good grip so bare feet or some old trainers will be fine. If you have surf boots you want to use then by all means bring them, but they certainly are not necessary. Shorts (or skirt) are the best bet, but you could always just roll your trouser-legs up if there’s no other option.

Please bring bottled water and may be a snack for after your lesson

Sunglasses are advisable, and on hot days it’s worth having some sun screen on , as you always burn faster on the water.

Other than that, just bring yourself and your enthusiasm. You’re going to have fun out there