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Blue Chip SUPolo Tournament Page

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The National SUPolo Club Grand Slam

Champions  2016

SUPolo Tournament
A day of fun and Gladiatorial engagement !!!

We must first say a huge thank you to all the clubs that joined in to give the
tournament a really great festival feeling.
A special thanks to SUP North, Central SUP and Suffolk SUP
for making such a big effort to travel such
a long way to be part of the tournament

The result table below does not reflect the closeness of some of the matches.
Full respect to the guys from Suffolk SUP who have never picked up a SUPolo paddle before yet alone
played SUPolo, well done.

We managed to get through 15 matches, each team playing 5 games, scoring 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.
Although Blue Chip took full advantage of their experience and home advantage, SUP North and Tamworth
hotly contested their games right up to the last match play.
Well done to all teams.

Blue Chip pushed home their home advantage to become the
Grand Slam winners of the UK's first
Six Nationwide SUPolo Club Championships

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