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Battle Of The Thames BOTT  - Year 10

I-SUP Board Brands



In 925 the first Anglo-Saxon King of England was consecrated at the Royal Farm or “Kings Tun".
The first “Battle of the Thames” was held in 2011 on the Thames in Kingston

The BOTT 5 year calendar






12th June

18th June

17th June

15th June

14th June

The Great Paddle Boarding Experience

on the Glorious River Thames in Kingston

Choose your own personal challenge:-

The BOTT Grand Tour

(AKA The Leisure Fleet)

All the gain, none of the pain

or you can race the

6 miles or 10 miles.

Enter a Mega Board Fun team


Join the Battle of the Thames

Grand Tour

This is the Grand Tour

This most definitely is not a race
All the gain, none of the pain

Paddle the Battle of the Thames
course as part of the BOTT Event
Be part of it !

You will get the event medal, bib number, event time
and you can also purchase the event Training Shirt
and a hugh sense of achievement of being part of

The Battle of the Thames


Online Advanced Entry Only
Registration for all entries (closes at midnight Friday 4th June)
No Registration will be accepted for the event after midnight 5th June 2021
It is a condition that by registering for this event, you consent to the publication of photos and/or video and or/audio of you
Click here for full Photo and Video consent details

Covid 19 precautions  

  • Registration has been delayed to 10th April at 08:30 to assess and comply with the rolling Covid restrictions
  • To reduce close contact, participation numbers will be limited to less than 50% of normal Competitor numbers for BOTT.
    • This means we will have a limit this year of 100 competitors.
  • To avoid crowding, the Race Briefing will be presented in the form of a video which will be on line one week before the event and links will be sent to all competitors.
  • Due to the Covid 19 rules - No spectators are allowed in the grounds of the event. So please only come to the event with the minimal support that you need.
  • If you want to bring spectators, they can support the event along the Queens Promenade where the bars will be open
  • The Club bar will be operating from 12:00 and we will be running a BBQ
  • Full Covid 19 precautions will be in place throughout the day

BOTT 21 is now full but you can go on the waiting list
Register here to go on the BOTT waiting list 
Registration fee £40
only payable if your entry is successful
Click here to register

Register here to go on the BOTT waiting list
Registration fee for Mega Board Team Members
(per person) only payable if your entry is successful
Only the Captain can register – we will contact the Captain separately for the other team members
Click here to register

You can order your BOTT 2021 10th anniversary performance training T shirts here
(training shirts will appear in a separate shopping cart)
The last date to order your BOTT anniversary training shirt is Friday 28th April
Click here for competitor insurance and river licence requirements
Click here for cancellation refund policy along with the BOTT rules

We are pleased to confirm that BOTT has an equal gender agenda....
 Medals etc.  (and appreciation)
  • Prize giving will happen soon after the last competitor finished
  • 1st female and male over the line of the 10 mile course will also have their name inscribed on the event shield:

  • Event medals will be given to all participants that complete the course they registered for.
  • All Event Participants are required to declare and collect their race numbers at the event registration desk between 08:00 and 09:45 on the day of the event.
  • There will be a £10 administration charge to make any registration changes whatsoever after 15th May.
  • No registration changes can be made whatsoever after registration closes on Friday 4th June. 
  • If BOTT has to be postponed for safety reasons due to events beyond our control such as extreme weather conditions or excessive river flow, the event will be rescheduled.

10 Mile BOTT race with Trophies Men's 14'     (hardshel & iSUP combined) Men's 12'6 (hardshel)
Ladies 14'    (hardshel & iSUP combined) Ladies 12'6 (hardshel)

 10 Mile BOTT race with Trophies   Men's 12'6 i-SUP
  Ladies 12'6 i-SUP    

 10 Mile BOTT race   Men's Prone
      Ladies Prone

6 Mile N1SCO course with Trophies Men's N1SCO
Ladies N1SCO      

 6 Mile BOTT race   Men's Surf Style
    Ladies Surf Style  

BOTT Grand Tour (up to 6 miles) Any Board

6 mile Course Mega Board (multi person Board) Fun Race Mega Boards

  • Got a Mega Board ?  Want to join in the fun?
  • Do you want to use one of the club's Mega boards for ? 
  • Blue Chip SUPer Club will cover the Thames Licence for all the Mega Boards
  • The Mega Board Fun Race will take part between the Club and Kingston bridge


Due to the reduced numbers of competitors this year
The Race Director may decide to have an ordered rolling start at 10:45:-

14’ Men - 14’ Ladies - 12’ 6 Men - 12’ 6 Ladies - N1SCO Men & Ladies - Grand Tour - Mega Boards.:

This year we have a partial river restriction in place
A staggard race start sequences could be 3 minutes between each start : -
Once the signal for the start of the first race has sounded, all other starts will be
automatically locked in place with 3 minute intervals with no delays or restarts
NOTE: all competitors must be on the water behind the start line
and ready to race at 10:40
You will not be allowed to launch between 10:35 and 11:05
  •  10:45 –  14’ Men - 10 mile BOTT
  •  10:48 –  14’ Ladies - 10 mile BOTT
  •  10:51 –  12’ 6 & Prone Men - 10 mile
  •  10:54 –  12’ 6 & Prone Ladies - 10 mile
  •  10:57 –  N1SCO Men & Ladies Race  -  6 mile course
  •  11:00 –  The BOTT Grand Tour - Any Board - Any Distance
  •  11:00 –  Mega Board & Surf Style Fun Race  - 6 mile course


Junior Class:  Up to 18th birthday: For safety reasons, As this event is taking place on the River Thames, juniors are required (unless specifically agreed in writing with the Race Director) to have a designated responsible experienced adult paddling with them as their escort at all times whilst on the water including taking part in either the 6 mile N1SCO course, 10 mile BOTT course or the BOTT Grand Tour . NOTE: Juniors entering the 10 mile course will be included with the adult results and not separated in any way except for the GB SUP results.  
Surf Class:  Length: - - 12’ 6” maximum, no weight limit, Hard shell boards must be a surfboard style in shape with the minimum dimensions, nose 17” wide (12” back from nose), 14” tail (12” up from the tail) and maximum thickness of 5”. Basically, most 12’ 6” or less crossover / surf style standard production boards such as the "Starboard Cruiser" will fit into this category.  i-SUP boards, 12' 2" or less. The Race Directors decision will be final in all cases.

Check out the final course map here    Race Course

To Follow
Race Course   Risk Assessment
Click here for the full wording of the waver and agreement including event rules  

  • 07:30 Club opens
  • 08:00 Race Number collection & signing in (closes at 09:45)
  • 10:00 Safety Briefing - Leashes must be worn
  • 10:45 Battle of the Thames Start
  • 14:30 BOTT Prize Giving

Sponsors of BOTT 2021

Event Location:  Thames Sailing Club, Portsmouth Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 4HH, there is limited parking at the TSC
(No overnight parking)
but plenty of parking on the streets opposite the club, click on the right hand image for a detailed parking map

TSC is just in the Low Emission Zone

  • The BOTT races will include the  "Battle of the Thames"  10 mile race from TSC down past Queen's Promenade, past the riverside bars and restaurants, under  Kingston Bridge, then turn back upstream  to TSC. (5 x 2 mile laps).  
  • The Mega Board Fun Race: from TSC down past Queen's Promenade, past the riverside bars and restaurants, under  Kingston Bridge, then turn back upstream  to TSC. (3 x 2 mile laps)..   NOTE: single paddlers will have priority at all times, mega boards will be disqualified if they obstruct any single paddler.
  • Licensed Bar open at 12:00
  • The BOTT is due to finish at about 16:00 but the finish time will be very loose