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Rigging Components

I-SUP Board Brands

Mast Extensions RDM Mast Extensions RDM Carbon Extensions

Tendon Mega Base  Hinged Deck Plates for iSUPs  Deck Plates 

North / Twin Pin Adaptors  Replacement Adjuster Rings  RDM Adjuster Rings 

Deck Plate Washers  Pulleys & Pulley Hooks  M8 Deck Plate Nuts 

V2A (North) PIN  M8 Hex Stud  

Heavy Duty Wave Base

Wave base (Our top selling deck plate system) Wave base is supplied with the new super stiff heavy duty BOGE joint. The new Heavy Duty Wave base is suitable for Racing, Freeride Freestyle and Waves. The top pin is the industry standard and compatible with North pin, Mistral, F2, Fanatic and Neil Pryde "U" Base.

  • Simple adjustment (no tools required)
  • Power joint with security strap
  • Low, heavy duty construction
  • Complete with "T" profile mast rail nut  
    Heavy Duty Wave Base £35.00


Mega Base

The Mega base is an exceptionally reliable Heavy Duty deck plate connection. Suitable for all styles of sailing. The stainless steel pin and top cup are milled from one piece of material. The top pin is the industry standard and compatible with North pin, Mistral, F2, Fanatic and Neil Pryde "U" Base.

  • One piece pin and tendon cup
  • Tough and low profile
  • Simple adjustment (no tools required)
  • Direct torsion-free transmission of rig load
  • Complete with "T" profile mast rail nut   
    Mega Base £49.00

Cardan Base (ideal for iSUP windsurfing)

Flat basis plate with North pin on top of joint. Fitting for all Classic (single pin) extensions

  • Lays flat on the board giving little or no strain to the deck plate insert on the board
  • Ideal for iSUP boards
  • Very strong hinged UJ
  • Simple adjustment (no tools required)
  • Direct transmission of rig load
  • Complete with "T" profile mast rail nut 
    Hinged UJ  Base £35.00

North-Pin to Chinook adaptor

This adaptor will convert your North-Pin ("U" Base) to the Chinook twin pin system. Just pull the release pin, insert your north pin, close the release pin and now you can use any Chinook win pin style extension or mast base. 

  • Simple to use (no tools required)
  • Super tough
  • Very secure
  • Very reliable   
    North-Pin to Chinook adaptor  £19.95

Deck Plate Washer

Replacement non slip 130mm diameter deck plate washer including safety lug. 

Deck Plate £3.00

Mast Rail Nuts M8

Heavy Duty Mast Rail Nuts M8 These mast Rail nuts can be used on all mast rails .

HD Profile £2.95

North Pin UJ Insert
Stainless Steel North Pin UJ insert.

M8 Hex Stud
18/80 UJ Insert M8 Hex Stud

North Pin £5.95
M8 Hex Stud £1.95

Downhaul pulley hook

  • Brass, aluminium and stainless construction
  • Four mini rollers to match three roller extensions
    4 Mini Brass Rollers £ 9.95
  • Pulleys greatly reduce the effects of friction

Downhaul Comfort Pulley

  • Tough composite construction
  • Solid brass sheaves and bushings give reducing friction for on-the-fly outhauls.
  • Easily fitted and removed with allen keys

Classic Mast Extension

Compatible to all North pin systems

  • Indestructible aluminium tube with double-sided pin lock, height adjustment every 25 mm
  • 3 easy turning brass rolls, integrated clamp cleat
  • For all SDM masts
  • Compatible to Wave Base, Tendon HD and Pro Base in combination with a V2A (North) PIN


Base 00 £17.00
150 mm £32.00
300 mm £36.00
450 mm £42.00
Adjuster Ring (Spare Part) £12.95

Aluminium RDM Mast extension

The indestructible mast extension for all skinny (RDM) masts. Compact aluminium tube with height adjustment, every 25 mm, secured by steel pin. Classic version (with V2A pin).

  • aluminium tube
  • optimal trim every 25 mm by the precise height scale
  • deflection with non-corroding, easy turning brass rolls
  • fits any standard mast foot
  • not susceptible for sand filling
  • Integral 3 pulley mast foot
  • V2A standard quick release systems
Base 00 £24.00
150 mm£32.00
300 mm£36.00
450 mm £42.00
Adjuster Ring (Spare Part) £8.95