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Over 50 years of water sports knowledge has built our reputation:

Brian Johncey has been involved in the watersports industry one way or another since 1965.

In 1970 Brian started by building and repairing surfboards and white water canoes

In 1980 Brian founded his Blue Chip Board Store.

No one knows SUP like the Blue Chip SUP Crew.

1970, Brian explains to a student how a
Sub Aqua twin hose regulator works 
2016, Brian overseeing a lesson at the
Blue Chip SUP School on the Thames
Our years of experience driven knowledge is free...
At first glance the array of SUP boards can look quite daunting, to help you through to process of choosing the right board we have a short guide here. If this proves to be adding to your puzzlement of which board you think you need, we are at the end of the phone and ready to help you decide, just call us on 0208 715 0040 and we will help you choose the right board

Brian as a kayak instructor in 1969

Not all board stores are equal !

We offer the best package deals available.
We invented the SUP package deal in 2008 by putting together all the essential accessories you will need to get out onto the water and enjoying trouble free paddling, we packaged together with every board a travel paddle, coil leash, waterproof key pouch or dry bag, and free delivery.

We Invented the first Blue Chip SUP Specific Quick Release Waistbelt

In 2014, we designed and started manufacturing the Blue Chip Quick Release Waistbelt which was the first SUP Specific quick release waistbelt to fulfil our requirements for use in rivers, streams, fast flowing and white water. Having designed our own Blue Chip Quick Release Waistbelt.
We asked various manufactures for samples and soon realised that the only way to ensure and maintain the quality required was to make them here in our workshop where the quality can be guaranteed. Another great benefit of making them ourselves is that we can make any improvements to our design / materials instantly. 

From the 20th to the 21st centuries Blue Chip has over 40 years of experience driven knowledge, it's no wonder Blue Chip SUP Store is the No1 SUP Supplier in the UK. Come and visit us at our  /span> Bricks and Mortar Store, we open our doors at 07:30,

Blue Chip: the oldest family run board store, service and repair centre in the UK,

We first opened the doors to Blue Chip Board Store in 1980

Blue Chip - Professionals in water sports since 1980;
Blue Chip has been a professional water sports store since 1980 and at the forefront of SUP since 2007. Brian has been a qualified water sports instructor since 1970.
Blue Chip was the first store in the UK to use and supply inflatable SUP boards, we are the most experienced Inflatable SUP supplier in the UK with stocks of iSUP boards, paddles and accessories. We are the originators of the SUP package deal concept by grouping together the best accessories with every board we supply and to this day we still offer the package deals in the industry.