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Blue Chip Surfboard Repair Service

I-SUP Board Brands

Brian Johncey's Blue Chip Sailboards trading as Blue Chip Repairs, is an entirely separate business from the retail store, offering repairs to the water sports enthusiast.
Blue Chip sail repair service; repairs dingy sails, catamaran sails, spinnakers, kites, windsurfing sails,
Blue Chip board repairs service; repairs surfboards, kite boards, windsurfing boards, sup boards, inflatable boards.
Brian Johncey operates his sole trader repair business from a workshop which is conveniently located in a separate building to the rear of the Blue Chip Board Store. The repair workshop can be accessed from Abbots Road or through the rear door of the Board Store.

Online Board Repair Estimate:
If in doubt as to what you may need to fix your board
you can send us an image and description of the
damage by clicking here

NOTE: On suspected delamination, we can only
give advice on seeing the board first hand

We will only download emails with attachments up to 2MB so please only send lo res images in either "jpg" or "gif" formats of less than 2MB per email, anything larger, we will not receive.
Please Note:
We cannot give cost estimates or timescales for repairs
without either seeing the board or detailed images.
Price Guide
(prices are not pro rata for extra dings etc.)
Small - Medium Ding about £30
Large Ding about £45
Fixed fin replacement about £40
Lease Cut about £35
Replacement Leash Plug about £30
FCS Replacement Plugs about £50
Board Crease about £60
Prices will vary with ding location, board colour and construction
As all repairs are unique, it is impossible to have a fixed price repair charge menu. However, If you send a digital image of the damaged area, we will be able to give a more realistic price for your particular repair

Blue Chip Express Repairs is one of the largest board repair workshop facility in the UK.r /> We repair all makes of boards here on the premises to insurance standards and our own high Blue Chip standards
Click here to check out our repairs gallery
Most of our repairs are completely invisible
All of our repair work carries a Blue Chip guarantee.
Trade customers for
Windsurfing boards
We repair windsurfing boards and sails for many well known and less well known retail outlets and windsurfing schools
Transporting your board to us We are unable to transport your board for you, unless instructed by one of the insurance companies listed below, however, we recommend the following transport companies. Their prices and service will vary from region to region so we recommend you ask them all and compare the service and prices offered:  :  :  : 
Board Damage location report form

Please do not use this pdf form for estimate purposes as we will need a photographic image for an estimate
Before sending your board to us, click on the PDF image to download and complete our damage location report form. By completing the Blue Chip damage location report form we can see the exact area of damage needing attention and thereby reduce and confusion on what damage you wish us to rectify.
Online Board Repair Estimate:
NOTE: Board damage at sea; A small amount of effort can save time and money
Before any repair work can take place, the damaged area will need the be flushed out with fresh water, otherwise the board will never dry out completely, Sea water is hydroscopic, therefore, if you haven’t cleaned the board in fresh water, you may think it is dry but then the residue salt crystals within the damaged area will absorb moisture from the atmosphere and the damaged area will once again becomes wet and the repair may not take.
Surfboard FCS Repairs We fit and repair FCS fin systems here in our fully equipped workshops.

Packing your board In our experience, transport companies are not the most caring when transporting your board, therefore please take notice of our packing advice by clicking here

We are approved insurance repairers for Viking Sail Safe, Bishop Skinner, Colin Curtis, Newton Crum, Noble Marine
Click here to check out our repairs gallery
We repair all types of construction including Glass, Kevlar Laminates, Carbon Laminates, Carbon Sandwich, Wood Laminates, Honeycomb, vacuumed form and Plastic Thermo Welding.
Workshop Location
Express Board Repairs The Blue Chip Express Repair Service means just that. Once we have the board we can complete the repair within 48 hours depending on the work involved.
IfIf you require the Express repair service you must specify this at the outset as we will need to build this into our schedule and cost appraisal.

Dura Rez

Dura Res Large 2.25 oz £10.95


Dura Rez Fiber Filled Epoxy & Polyester Extra Large Repair Tubes!
Other products have limited shelf life, Dura Rez cures in full sun in less than 3 minutes for a professional finish that saves you time and money! Ultra Clear, Sun-Powered, Fibre Filled Dura Rez Works on Epoxy and Polyester, will not harm the foam core, and NEVER hardens in the tube.

  • Large Fibre Filled, Ultra Clear, Universal Resin Tube
  • 2 Grits Sandpaper (total 3 pieces)
  • 2 Smoothing sheets
  • Endless Shelf life
  • Airline Approved, 
  • 2 Mixing Sticks
  • Large Pack 2.25 oz / (68ml)

Froth All Water Wax  (All  Water Formula)
Australian based Froth are surf wax gurus! They have spent 8 years developing a premium grade range of professional standard waxes that give longer rides, more tackiness, grip and traction, helping stay on the board longer and a wax that doesn't move under your feet.

  • Designed for all water temperatures.
  • Froth surf wax was formulated to stick to your board better than any other surfboard wax on the global market
  • Froth doesn’t get bare patches
  • Froth will often last over 3 times longer than your average wax
Froth All Water Wax £2.95



Single Soft Rack

Single Soft Rack £25.95

  • Top of the range soft roof rack system designed for use on cars without roof racks or roof bars
  • Tough metal buckles and extra strong webbing
  • Holds from 1 up to 5 surfboards (depending on board size)
  • Neoprene sleeve keeps buckles from damaging car or board
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact ideal for travelling
  • Tough re-usable bag
  • 3.2m (approx) strap-fits most cars, including 4x4s
  • Individual roof pad dimensions 43cm x 13cm x 3cm

Board Sock

Board Sock £23.95

  • Super stretch "memory" towelling material for a snug fit
  • Prevent minor dings, scratching, melted wax
  • Fits all boards up to 7'6
  • Dries your surfboard and stops wax, dirt and sand getting everywhere
  • Can be used inside a board bag for extra protection
  • Heavy duty nose cone protection, nylon draw cord with toggle

White 30mm Metal Leash Plug
White 30mm metal leash plug, simple to fit into any board.

Leash Plug £2.95

Fin / Leash Plug  re-fixing resin kit
(fin / leash pug not included)

This is ideal for the DIY repair enthusiast. It comes complete with two part syringe stored resin, glass matting (approx. 200sq cm), mixing /spreading spatula and emery paper for substrate preparation. (Mix ratio 50 : 50) plus Glass Bubbles


Re-fixing resin kit £17.95

(fin / leash pug not included)

Set of six single FCS compatible plugs, (for three fins) c 2 x centre plug 0° plus 4 x side fin plugs 5°


Set of six single plugs £24.95
Fin / Leash Plug  re-fixing resin kit

Set of three Fusion boxes,  1 x centre box 0° plus 2 x side fin boxes 5°


Set of three Fusion boxes £29.95

Set of three FCS II quick fit boxes,  1 x centre box 0° plus 2 x side fin boxes 5°


Set of three FCS II boxes £32.95

Surfboard Nose Cone

Surfboard Nose Cone £6.95

  • Nose protector
  • Prevent nose ding damage
  • Safety precaution for yourself and others
  • Self-adhesive
  • Applied in seconds

Sex Wax Pot & Comb

Sex Wax Pot & Comb £5.95

The Sex Wax Pot is designed so that when the sun's shining, your wax doesn't melt inside your car (or bag).....leaving you in a sticky situation! Comes complete with a comb, so it's a pretty handy little accessory too!  
(Wax bar not included)

The Blue Chip 3 section Kick Tail pad is a 5mm EVA pad with a milled in textured surface which will fit most SUP boards. The graphics give a 3 dimensional diamond block appearance. Our Blue Chip 3 section Kick Tail pad has a density of 45-50° with a centre arch and a kick height of 2.5cm across 4cm of profile with a lift angle of 45°.  Our EVA Kick Tail Pad is designed to fit most surfboards board shapes and has an aggressive 3M peel & stick adhesive backing which will give an excellent bond with a fast and easy installation.

The Blue Chip single section Kick Tail pad is a 5mm EVA pad with a milled in textured surface which will fit most surfboards boards. The graphics are a diamond block appearance. Our Blue Chip single section Kick Tail pad has a centre arch and a kick height of 2.5cm across 4cm of profile with a lift angle of 45°.  Our EVA Kick Tail Pad is designed to fit most SUP board shapes and has an aggressive 3M peel & stick adhesive backing which will give an excellent bond with a fast and easy installation