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Blue Chip Board & Sail Storage / Disposal policy

I-SUP Board Brands

Due to the amount of work we are now asked to undertake by private customers, insurance companies and trade work for importers and other shops, together with a lack of storage space within our workshop, we cannot accommodate storage of finished boards and sails in our workshops for more than 14 days after the quoted completion date.

The problem is, if boards or sails are not collected or able to be returned within a reasonable length of time, they congest our work shops and this severely restricts our capability to repair incoming boards and sails efficiently.

Unfortunately we have had occasions recently where some private and trade customers have left their finished boards or sails with us for several weeks after the repairs have been completed, this has impaired the normal efficiency of our workshops.

The following policy has been in place since 1985 but has rarely been employed. However, due to the increased frequency of finished boards and sails being left with us by customers for several weeks after the quoted repair completion date, regrettably, we have now no alternative but to apply our board and sail storage policy:

Repaired Board and Sail storage:
Boards and sails that are left with us beyond 10 days after their quoted repair completion date are deemed to require our separately charged storage facility and will be moved to our long term storage unit the first Wednesday 10 days after the quoted repair completion date. This is an extra to the customer over and above our repair service which is charged at the rate of:

  • Boards:        £15 for each week or part thereof
  • Sails             £5 for each week or part thereof

Our storage unit is at a completely separate location, we only deposit and collect boards and sails Wednesdays, therefore our storage charging week starts on Wednesdays. If you want to collect your board or sail on a Saturday, you will need to notify us by 10:00 on the preceding Wednesday.

Thank you for your cooperation in collection your repaired boards and sails on time.
We just haven’t got the space to store customer’s boards and sails in our workshops. I am sure you understand.

Board and Sail disposal policy

Important Information:
If you leave a sail or board with us for longer than 12 months and fail to respond to our reminders to collect and pay for the repair on the item that you asked us to undertake, it is assumed that you no longer wish to own the repaired item or pay for the repairs that we undertook on your instructions and therefore we are at total liberty to dispose of the sail or board in any manor or form that we so choose to mitigate our loss for the works undertaken and any storage charges incurred without any recourse whatsoever on any account.