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Windsurfing Boards

I-SUP Board Brands

The Atom IQs are Starboard’s next generation of super thin freemove boards.

As freemove boards, they are designed to be exciting and fast in the straight line yet highly maneuverable and aggressive with a widest wind-range and control.

The slim & wide shape of the Atom IQs allow them to plane early like a board with 15 liters of extra volume, yet remains as maneuverable as a board with 15 liters less. With the right tuning, you get a wind range that covers three classic freeride boards.

Very thin rails and profile combined with the compact and wide outline give the Atom IQs their sporty and comfortable character with aggressive and easy jibes and a lively planing.
For 2014, the Atom IQs come in three sizes: 100, 110 and 120 liters and in only one construction: Carbon
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The Black Box is not a wave board for all conditions. It is not about top speed. It is not about jumping. The Black Box is the board that excels in small, mushy waves and light winds.

Many boards are marketed for real-world conditions and real-world sailors. Dany Bruch’s creation takes it a step further by offering a very short and wide shape with no excess volume that will create and hold speed on a wave like never before.

The Black Box is very short at 215cm with a lot of width in the tail that carries through to the nose. The sharper rails help generate speed while the rocker provides maneuverability. These characteristics allow the board to quickly accelerate on the smallest and mushiest waves. This self-generated speed combined with the very short length will let the rider link together more turns with more speed when the conditions would normally only allow for one, if any.

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The Quads are Starboard’s most versatile wave boards. The unique shape and the four fins generate maximum drive and acceleration, bringing an awesome production of speed, flow and power to your sailing in all wave & wind combinations.

Stable and extremely responsive, the Quads are most rewarding when driven off the rails for powerful yet smooth turns. The four-fin grip gives a very connected sensation to the wave yet they still have the ability to lose the tail when extended through the lip for a rotational move.

For 2014, a new Moreno Twins Pro Model has been developed for lighter riders and windy conditions. The 87 and 92 models have also seen their rocker lowered for better straight-line performance. All in all, the Quads still provide the same amazing levels of drive and control in a wide range of conditions along with a lively, controlled straight line planing sensation.

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The Kode Wave is the board choice of two times World Champion Philip Koster. It is fast to get on the plane with remarkable top end speed for taking jumps into the stratosphere. The Kode Waves are Philip Koster’s fast, aerial style ‘next- generation’ signature wave boards.

The Kode Waves are for riders who like to blend aerials and takas with powerful wave- carving. Their straight-line speed and acceleration also make them the most ideal for big airs and double combination loops.

Drive and speed are initiated off of the front foot, as is the rotational spinning style of Koster. MB Twinzer fins aid in the early release of the tail for backside 360’s and Takas whilst the board is still able to maintain the drive required for going down the line. These are the most ideal boards for big airs and double combination loops. The boards just want to boost whether it’s jumping or waveriding, with excellent projection above the lip along with being able to spin around it.

For 2014, the Kode Waves are shorter, making them lighter on the scale and under the feet, as swing weight is reduced. A Moreno Twins Pro Model 67 has also been added for the fair sex and smaller riders and a new 92 liters enters the family for heavier riders or light wind days.

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The Futuras are Starboard's freerace boards. Freerace boards are designed to go extremely fast, like slalom boards, but with more user-friendliness and more comfort. They are the sports cars of windsurfing

When it was first introduced in 2008, Starboard's Futuras revolutionary design redefined the freerace category: its 15% thinner profile and its wider outline, inspired by the evolution of modern slalom boards, offered the casual freerider a board that was very stable at low speed yet extremely fast and powerful throughout an incredibly wide wind range. On top of these benefits, the thinner shape made for better jibing and more control. It was a win-win design leap forward.

The Futura has become the market leader and the new performance benchmark. In 2011, the Futuras won every comparative test they entered. In 2013 the Futura continued to perform superbly in all tests and outperformed the competition
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The Carves are Starboard’s freeride boards

As freeride boards, they are designed to be fast, exciting and fun, while delivering their best performance regardless of rider skill:

We call it Plug and Play.

Wind-range and jibing performance are critical when freeriding. The all-new 2014 Carves, with their slimmer shapes and reworked rocker are the class-leaders in wind range and accessibility. They jibe beautifully in all manner of styles: from wide-arc power turns to pivotal back foot carves, always with a nice and smooth exit.

What's New?

Last year, the Carves went on average 8% slimmer for better stability and wind range.

This year, Rémi Vila, designer of the Carves, went 8% slimmer again. The thickness has been reduced in specific areas of the board to boost control and provide more sensations and more responsiveness without affecting comfort. The rocker has also been reworked, eliminating the tail kick and introducing a longer flat and longer side-cuts. The result is a board which is smoother and more effortless to get on the plane while improving control in the chop as well as top-end speed.

To improve jibing, the rails are now softer between the straps where foot pressure is applied to jibe. This softer rail shape is achieved by adding about 1 cm of width in this area without changing the sharp-edge outline of the board. The straight-line characteristics are not affected significantly but the softness of the rail now allows for easier jibing initiation.

Overall, the 2014 Carves require less effort and technique than before but delivers more performance and fun.
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The GO are Starboard’s iconic range of progressive freeriders

They are the original, comfortable, stable and easy all-round designs that have transformed modern windsurfing by making it easy to progress from early-learner to advanced rider.

What’s progressive freeriding? It’s about getting planing, hooking in to the harness, learning to waterstart, learning to windsurf with speed and power and mastering the carve jibe.

The 2014 GOs share the same modern slim shapes as the 2013 Carve range. Wider and slimmer than ever, they enjoy a wider wind range than before. With the extra width comes more stability and earlier planing, and the ability to use bigger sails and deeper fins. With reduced thickness comes a sharper, more race-like sensation and improved control in higher winds.

The GO boards are designed around three key principles: make planing easy, make the ride fast and exciting, and make the handling fun and responsive. Sharing the same shape as the latest slimmer Carves, these new shapes have proven to score almost perfectly in freeride tests:
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The Rios are Starboard’s entry-level all-round boards

They cover learning, progressing and planing for the first time.

They are considered all-rounders because they are equally good at providing stability for beginners to learn and providing power for progressing windsurfers to get planing smoothly. Once planing, the Rios feel responsive and fun.

The Rios advanced shape and fittings make them by far the most thoroughly designed entry-level board on the market today.

What's New?

For 2014, the Rios are sporting a sleek new graphic look with EVA covering three quarters of the deck. This will reduce wear and tear in the boom-contact areas of the nose and tail of the board.
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