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Two Handed Easy Trim

  • Professional aluminium tensioning tool
  • Integrated Philips for foot strap and fin screws
  • Integrated M8 key for power joint screws.
Two Handed Easy Trim £19.00

Easy Haul with EVA

  • Tensioning tool with ergonomic design
  • Comfortable EVA grip coating
Easy Haul with EVA £10.00

Rig Tug

  • Ergonomically designed Rig Tug
Ergonomically designed Rig Tug £6.00

UJ Power Joint

Super stiff heavy duty BOGE joint. The new Heavy Duty Power Joint is suitable for Racing, Freeride, Freestyle and Waves.
Heavy duty M8 or M10 female threads

M8 UJ Power Joint £12.95
M10 UJ Power Joint £12.95

Da Kine Primo foot straps

  • Velcro adjustment
  • Foam padded inner
Da Kine Premo foot straps £13.95

4mm Formuline

4mm Formuline (850kg load downhaul)
Formuline is a brand new high performance downhaul line. It is only available in plain white. Formuline is a Spectra based line in a smooth 12-plait construction with reduce friction and has advanced slip characteristics, especially suitable for high-powered downhaul systems. Formuline's unique construction keeps its round profile under very high loads, so it holds extremely well in extension cleats. Previously only available in the USA. Now available ex stock from Blue Chip. Sold by the metre; (we recommend 2m for downhauls and 1m for outhauls)

1m 2m 3m 4m 5m 10m 20m 50m
£2.75m £2.73m £2.65m £2.60m £2.55m £2.30m £2.28m £2.25m
£2.75 £5.46 £7.95 £10.40 £12.75 £23 £45.60 £112.50


8 plait pre-stretched polyester

4mm Pre-stretched Polyester (290kg load downhaul) 8 plait pre-stretched polyester is a high performance line for Windsurfing, outhauls, and downhauls. 8 plait pre-stretched have low stretch, high strength and excellent grip in jammers. Sold by the metre; (we recommend 2m for downhauls and 1m for outhauls)

1m 2m 3m 4m 5m
£2 £4 £6 £8 £10


4mm Dyneema

4mm Dyneema (750kg load downhaul)

Dyneema uses the very latest generation of HMPE from DSM High Performance Fibres for the inner core. Dyneema has been developed in conjunction with DSM for optimum performance and best value. The high performance of Dyneema allows for reduced rope diameters and lower rope weight. Dyneema will outperform all polyester ropes and last much longer than Kevlar ropes. Sold by the metre; (we recommend 2m for downhauls and 1m for outhauls)

1m 2m 3m 4m 5m
£2 £4 £6 £8 £10


5mm Shock Cord

5mm Shock Cord Super stretch shock cords with over 100% stretch for best durability. Polyester cover on the white, polypropylene on the colours, all with natural rubber cores..

5mm Shock Cord Per Metre £1.50


Boom Protector
Boom Protector Classic
Easy and rapid adjustment, Interior key pocket, Board protection

380 Mast/Boom Protector

  • A full 380mm in height.
  • Impact absorbing heavy duty padding on the leading edge
  • Protects impacts on your board from mast and boom.
  • Easy and rapid adjustment.

Boom Protector Classic £11.00
380 Mast/Boom Protector £14.00


Mast Protectors and Adaptors

Mast Protector

Mast Protector SMD £8.00
380 Mast Adaptor /SDM to RDM £12.00

RDM Mast Adaptor


Toe Protector

  • Deck Plate / Toe protector
Toe Protector/strong> £9.00

Up Haul (elasticated)

  • Elasticated Uphaul
Up Haul (elasticated) £9.00

Uphaul with Knots

Braided Uphaul with knots

  • Soft braided cord.
  • Easier to grab and gentler on the hands.
  • Great choice for beginners or recreational sailors. .....
Up Haul with Knots £9.00
Wind Master

Xplorer 2 £60  
Pocket Pouch £6.95  

A pocket-sized, rugged, go-anywhere anemometer, ideal for wind sport enthusiasts.

  • Comfortable handling
  • Precise mechanic and crystal controlled
  • Big LCD Display
  • Wind speed measurements units: km/h, Knots, m/s and mph
  • Wind Speed - current, maximum and average
  • Continuous Beaufort wind graph display
  • Battery type: CR2032 Battery life up to 10 years.
  • Weatherproof (suitable for use in the rain)
  • Including user’s manual
  • Measurements:12.5 x 5 x 2,5 cm
  • Weight: 86 g
  • Price includes vat and FREE standard post & packing in the UK mainland