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I-SUP Board Brands

Roof Rack Straps STP Lockable Straps Roof Rack Pads

Key Pod Safes Board Locks 4M Security Cable

Fin Box Locking Plates Waterproof Key Pouches Leash Plug Lock

  Single Soft Rack  

Blue Chip Roof Rack Straps

5M x 35cm

Polyester and Steel cam Lock straps. Our range of cam buckle assemblies are used for lashing and securely tying down SUP boards, windsurfing boards and longboard surfboards with a vast variety of applications. Zinc plated cam buckle for a rust proof finish.

5M x 35cm  (Heavy Duty) £15.00
5M x 25cm £10.00



  • 5M x 35cm heavy duty webbing - 800kgs Capacity
  • 5M x 25cm heavy duty webbing - 450kgs Capacity 
  • Ideal for securing SUP boards, windsurfing boards
  • 100% Polyester
  • Zinc plated cam buckle for a rust proof finish
  • Sold in pairs


STP Lockable Steel Straps

SPT Lockable 2.5m, or 4m Tie Downs The SPT Lockable Tie Down has been designed to secure windsurfers, surfboards, tradesman's tools, ladders, Racing Ski's, Rowing sculls, paddle boards, bikes, Moto-X & trail bikes, luggage & much more. or anything requiring that little bit of extra strap length. Fits any roof rack system.


  • Two tie downs per package
  • 33mm-wide nylon straps; 2.5, or 4 meters useable length
  • Nylon straps reinforced with built-in stainless steel cables
  • There is 20cm of extra webbing with no wires at the end, this extra webbing to the quoted length is to make it easier for you to thread through the buckle and assist in tying off the end.
  • Polished die cast buckles
  • Soft buckle casing protects vehicle and equipment
  • Weather resistant lock with dust shutter
  • Includes 2 keys
  • Works locked or unlocked
  • Also great for surfboards, tradesman's tools, ladders, Racing Ski's, Rowing sculls, paddle boards, bikes, Moto-X & trail bikes, luggage & much more.


Just SUP Roof Rack Pads

  • Heavy Duty Material
  • Strong Velcro sealing
  • Ideal for caring SUP boards, windsurfing boards and longboard surfboards
  • 50 cm length standard
  •  Gun Sails Roof Rack Pads are also available 
  • Sold in pairs
  • Special Edition heavy duty pads, 65cm with tie down ends 
Gun Sails Pads  (pair) £12.95
Just SUP 50CM Pads  (pair) £12.95
Special Edition Just SUP Pads 65cm  (pair) £29.95


Key Pod

The 5th Generation Keypod now features a thicker alloy body, stronger lid, dual lid locking mechanism, integrated shackle combination setting, 10mm steel shackle and more. The 5G is super tough!      

The 10mm thick padlock shackle now has added dual notches at the either side of the shackle base to stop it being forced open and the storage lid now pivots from the base and has a stronger fastening mechanism. Just place in your keys etc, choose a solid anchor point on the car to secure the padlock shackle, close the lid and shackle and set the keys!    

As KEYPOD is portable it can be secured anywhere on your vehicle, for example on the suspension coil, towing eye, under the car body-anywhere that there's a secure point to attach the padlock shackle to. Although KEYPOD doesn't just have to be left on the car-choose any secure place to attach it and off you go! 

Key Pod £24.95

  • Member of 1% for the Planet
  • Simple, quick to use, portable
  • FOUR digit combination Holds all known car keys/immobilisers
  • Foam backing to prevent scratching surfaces
  • Improved shackle strength 


Board Locks

US box   Power Box

Power Box Lock Security System fits Powerbox-, Trimmbox & Tuttlebox
Board Lock for all US-Systems, Mast rails etc.  

Board Lock US £14.00
Board Lock Power £14.00



  • US box fits SUP Fin Boxes
  • Use in conjunction with a steel cable and padlock 
  • Both systems have a high density nylon compression base


Board Lock Steel cable

Board Lock Steel cable 10mm coated steel cable with eye and matching pin for the Universal board lock system, Length 4 metres  


Board Lock Steel cable £20.00



Mast-rail Locking Plates

Mast-rail / US Fin-box Locking plates Stainless steel mast-rail / US fin-box locking plates,
Easy to apply, no tools required. 

Pair of Mast-rail Locking Plates £10.95
40 mm wide x 50 mm tall with a 15 mm hole


Board Lock & Cable

This board lock provides a perfect solution for those looking for a quick and simple solution to preventing opportunist surfboard theft, which works with all boards fitted with a standard leash plug. Just loop the lanyard through a secure anchor point ie car roof bars, car alloy wheels, slip the lanyard loop through your leash plug attached the padlock and you have a safe board! 

Board Lock & cable £8.95


  • High strength PVC plastic coated 4mm width, 2m length, stainless steel marine cable lanyard
  • Shipping industry strength cable Only takes approx 30 seconds to fit
  • Security for all SUP boards, surfboards including custom boards
  • Precision moulded fittings
  • Will not rust
  • Price Includes padlock with plastic base (to prevent dings).