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Gun Sails Yeah 2017

I-SUP Board Brands

YEAH is the exclamation of pure satisfaction and happiness. Yeah is the new freestyle sail from Gun Sails which will put a smile in your face. So shout out a YEAH, we've put everything in this sail which will make the next move easier for you:

What´s new in 2017:
Simply everything, the YEAH is not comparable with our previous model Beat.

Short boom for a crisp handling. Instant power thanks to a Dacron mast panel. Tight leech for neutrality in all duck moves.Super-fast rotation. Ultra-light, if not the lightest one in its class.

But don´t worry about the low weight. The Yeah is made out of 80 % light, but robust Square-Ply. Only the main window is out of Monofilm for a brilliant view. The YEAH needs only little downhaul tension and has almost no Loose Leech. So don’t look for our trimming mark FRED, you don’t need it on that sail. Nevertheless its range of use will astonish you. It remains controllable and neutral with only one trim.

  • High aspect ratio for lightning fast rotation

  • 3 mil. Square-Ply and Kevlar Warp Laminate for zero gravity feeling

  • Only compatible with RDM

  • Nearly no loose leech

  • All sizes only 4 battens

All 2017 Gun Sails are now available at 17.5% discount from the price shown below please email us to find out the stock availability

Size Boom Luff Battens Top Best Mast Mast Mast Price  
sqm cm cm Tubes cm   £  
4,0 148 383 4 fix C/E/S 370 RDM 399
4,4 153 397 4 fix C/E/S 370 RDM 408
4,8 159 414 4 fix C/E/S 400 RDM 418
5,2 167 434 4 fix C/E/S 430 RDM 427
5,6 174 452 4 fix C/E/S 430 RDM 436