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Gun Sails Vector 2017

I-SUP Board Brands

The Vector Setup derives from the development of the race sail GS-R, but with the difference that the handling and the comfort characteristics of the Vector are the same than of a freeracer. It is the perfect choice for high performance oriented racers who need the thrill of full speed.

Equipped with 3 roll cams, 7 battens, thereof 4 tubes and a 3D profiled mast sleeve, the Vector will enthuse you with its outstanding early planing power, immense acceleration and amazing high end speed. The mast sleeve of the Vector does not have the same dimensions as the GSR. The Vector luff is slimmer in the boom area and with conical shape above the boom. This feature enables you to do an even faster waterstart. In comparison to the worldcup slalom sail GS-R, the Vector is easier and with less effort to sail and in lower winds, you will plane earlier.

For 2016, the aspect ratio was slightly changed and the boom length was reduced a bit. This results in more control and thus also more speed. The Vector is a powerful freeracer for sporty and ambitious blasters and slalom pilots that love to compete in speed duels.

Despite the loaded performance, the Vector is nevertheless easy to control and to handle.

  • 3 Cam freerace sail with excellent early planing skills and top control at high speed
  • 3D Wing Sleeve, aerodynamic profile for effortless and easy feeling
  • 2 clew eyelets for individual tuning
  • Compact feeling by reduced boom length (RBL)
  • Tack strap for adjustment of foot tension

All 2017 Gun Sails are now available at 17.5% discount from the price shown below please email us to find out the stock availability

Size Boom Luff Battens Top Best Mast Mast Mast Price  
sqm cm cm Tubes cm   £  
5,0 173 408 07-Jul fix E/S 400 RDM 436
5,6 184 422 07-Jul fix E/S 400 RDM 445
6,3 191 446 07-Jul fix E/S 430 SDM 455
7,1 202 457 07-Jul fix E/S 430 SDM 473
7,8 217 485 07-Jul fix E/S 460 SDM 492
8,6 230 503 07-Jul fix E/S 490 SDM 511
9,6 236 520 07-Jul fix E/S 490 SDM 529