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Gun Sails Rapid 2017

I-SUP Board Brands

Fast and easy - the Rapid is characterized by its excellent early planing abilities, high acceleration and an amazing top speed. An ultra-fast camless freerace sail with an extraordinary wide range of use.

Its stiff batten configuration provides a direct feeling with great stability – which gives superb controllability and top speed. Thanks to its inherent stability, combined with the high end speed, the Rapid will easily get you through every hole in the wind.

An efficient engine for all sailors who are keen on speed and pure sailing fun. Those who prefer an easier handling can use up to size 6.7 a high percentage RDM mast without losing performance



  • Camless freerace sail with freeride handling characteristics

  • Slalom outline for top performance

  • 7/4 cross batten concept for maximum profile stability and better aerodynamics

  • 2 clew eyelets for individual tuning

  • X-ply frame for longevity and low weight

All 2017 Gun Sails are now available at 17.5% discount from the price shown below please email us to find out the stock availability

Size Boom Luff Battens Top Best Mast Mast Mast Price  
sqm cm cm Tubes cm   £  
5,7 181 418 07-Jul fix C/E/S 400 SDM / RDM 423
6,2 191 437 07-Jul fix C/E/S 430 SDM / RDM 436
6,7 198 458 07-Jul fix C/E/S 430 SDM / RDM 442
7,2 205 469 07-Jul fix C/E/S 460 SDM 455
7,9 213 477 07-Jul fix C/E/S 460 SDM 460
8,6 225 499 07-Jul fix C/E/S 490 SDM 473