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Gun Sails Rapid

I-SUP Board Brands

The name says it all: the RAPID is the fastest of our camless sails and according to the last year’s test results of the specialized press, probably also the fastest in its class.
The RAPID impresses with excellent early planing, easy control, incredible top speed and a huge range of use with just one trim. Compared to the Future, they have only the easy handling in common, apart from that, the RAPID is a sporty freerace sail with a direct feeling and a maximum planing performance. With the RAPID, you do not need to worry about wind holes, it brings you easily through.
Four tube battens provide the sail with a very solid profile, even in limits, you can just keep hooked in, hassle-free and easy-going, and the RAPID keeps its stunning speed.
Riders in search of an even easier handling can use a high-percentage RDM mast with the smaller sizes up to 6.7 sqm without significant loss of performance. 

  • Camless freerace sail with freeride handling characteristics
  • 7/4 cross batten concept for maximum profile stability and better aerodynamics
  • Easy handling thanks to reduced boom length (RBL)
  • 2 clew eyelets for individual tuning
  • Slim mast sleeve for easy waterstarting

Size m² Boom cm Luff cm Batten/Tube Top Best Mast Mast cm SDM/RDM Price £  
5,7 181 418 7/4 fix Expert / Select 400 SDM/RDM 363
6,2 192 438 7/4 fix Expert / Select 430 SDM/RDM 372
6,7 200 458 7/4 fix Expert / Select 430 SDM/RDM 380
7,2 206 470 7/4 fix Expert / Select 460 SDM 388
7,9 214 480 7/4 fix Expert / Select 460 SDM 397
8,6 231 498 7/4 fix Expert / Select 490 SDM 405

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