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Gun Sails GS-R 2017

I-SUP Board Brands

The world cup racing sail, pure performance without compromises and not for the faint-hearted.

The re-worked , 3D-profiled mast sleeve generates a stable profile in the lower sail area that provides a constant power development in all wind forces. A newly designed panel in the sail top improves the harmonic flow of the lower and upper areas of the sail. This further segmentation of the upper area results in a better response of the sail and pushes the range of use further into higher wind ranges.

Due to this fine adjustment of the twist, the GS-R works in the sail top that harmonic and discreet/ inconspicuous so that you can stay locked in the same position, you do not have to work “against” the sail. This saves energy and allows a better control which can be transformed into speed. A further new feature is the Triple Offset Clew, which provide even more tuning possibilities at the clew. The eyelet which is set closer to the leach, widens the range of the sail in lower winds by some knots.

Experience pure speed – be the winner of your next match race.

  • High Tech race sail for sporty speed and slalom riders 

  • Maximum stability of centre of effort and top high end speed 

  • 3D Wing Sleeve

  • Boom cut with neoprene cover 

  • Triple Offset clew for maximum trim flexibility

  • Tack strap for adjustment of the foot tension

Size Boom Luff Battens Top Best Mast Mast Mast Price  
sqm cm cm Tubes cm   £  
5,0 171 411 07-Jul fix Select 400 RDM 525
5,6 181 425 07-Jul fix Select 400 RDM 544
6,3 189 448 07-Jul fix Select 430 SDM / RDM 594
7,1 208 458 08-Aug fix Select 430 SDM 618
7,8 215 487 08-Aug fix Select 460 SDM 641
8,2 221 490 08-Aug fix Select 460 SDM 650
8,6 227 504 08-Aug fix Select 490 SDM 656
9,2 232 520 08-Aug fix Select 490 SDM 674
9,6 240 524 08-Aug fix Select 490 SDM 684
10,0 248 552 08-Aug fix Select 520 SDM 693
11,0 260 573 08-Aug fix Select 550 SDM 711
12,0 280 586 08-Aug fix Select 550 SDM 730