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Paddles for Kids

I-SUP Board Brands

   Kids Tiki Tech adjustable paddles £79  

Kids Adjustable Paddle  is not just a short version of an adults paddle.  

Our Kids paddle is a superbly designed for kids. It has a narrow 27mm coated aluminium shaft with a small palm grip specially designed for kids. The blade is specially designed for kids and has a slight dihydral to give maximum control combined with a slight curve from edge to edge which reduces snagging and increases control. This is a great kids paddle. The twin-pin quick release mechanism allows precise length adjustment. This is the perfect kids vario paddle, light and strong with rattle free twin pin adjustment.

Kids adjustable alloy paddle £49.95
Kids adjustable alloy paddle (3 piece travel) £59.95

Blade Width: 7"  Blade Length: 17" Weight 750gms