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Starboard SUP Surf Boards

I-SUP Board Brands

10'0"x30" Nose Rider

"The board famed for making life easy, just made things even simpler."    
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This board offers the opportunity for graceful 1960's nose-riding style. It combines the attributes and feel of a classic nose rider with modern high performance stand-up paddleboarding. The board features a large and deep teardrop nose concave which enables the hull to plane out extremely well when up on the nose, resulting in a smooth, fast and stable nose-riding sensation. It catches waves like no other and sports head turning performance when riding off the tail. The Nose Rider is equipped with a unique fin setup that optimizes stability and straight planing when on the nose, and quick turning when riding off the tail. "Deep teardrop nose concave merging to a flat V"

9'0"x30" Converse

"Maximizes fun in less than perfect waves, but still handles good-sized breaks."
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A super-fun board for those progressing down in length to a shorter board, or for larger riders seeking a performance edge. The Converse retains the characteristics of an easy board to paddle with good speed. It boasts maneuverability and stability in a short package. A popular all-rounder, it has generous nose lift, flatter mid-section and tail kick that ensures no holding back when it comes to speed. "Mono-concave running the entire length of the board"

9'0"x33" Hero

"A new Design for this incredibly successful shape which has won admirers the world over."
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Want to surf like a Hero? Then you'll love the turning abilities of this board provided by its rail shape and rocker line. These attributes also ensure a stability unmatched in boards of this size. If you can ride an 11'0", then you'll feel like a Super Hero when you step on this magical 9'0". Be warned: If you try it, you ll buy it! "Mono-concave nose and middle section with tail V"

9'5"x32" Wide Point

"For bulky frames craving speed to transfer momentum into tight carving."
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The new 2014 Wide Point provides extra stability due to a flatter deck, improved glide and agility. A new squash tail outline, combined with added V off the tail, provides for more responsive, edgy cutbacks. Finer forward rails improve acceleration, with smoother entry into the wave and through cutbacks. Bottom shape has been refined with a deeper concave running through the middle to accelerate water flow with V brought in earlier to aid release. Easy fun, high performance. "Mono concave at nose to double concave"

8'10"x32" Wide Point

"Greater response while maintaining a high level of stability."
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This 32" full mono-concave hull with flattened rocker in the middle section and added tail kick is fast with plenty of acceleration. The relatively fine rails provide greater reactivity and response in rail-to-rail transitions. "Mono-concave the entire length of the board"

8'2"x32" Wide Point

"Agility of a small board in a not-so-small body."
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This exceptionally stable shortboard for the heavier rider has been given a performance boost with modification of the outline, rails, concave and V. A flatter deck has countered the loss of volume to aid stability as well as providing a smaller, lighter board to throw around (swing weight). Softer, thinner rails forward have improved acceleration and sensitivity, while thicker, squared off rails in the tail also improve drive when the back foot is planted. A deeper single concave also aids acceleration and speed, creating a straighter rocker through the middle of the board. It's a new highlight in our offering, become amazed! "Mono-concave the entire length of the board"

7'8"x32" Wide Point

"Continues to offer shortboard performance with all the benefits of width."
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Super-stable for a board of this length, it certainly delivers in the excitement stakes. Rapid acceleration with instant response and release has you rebounding over less than perfect waves. Make the most of any conditions, finding fun and good times a-plenty. "Mono-concave the entire length of the board"

8'5"x30" Pocket Rocket

"A high-performance stable little rocket ship that s just a whole lot of fun."
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Pocket Rocket's outline has the width further forward, handling higher speed on bigger waves while still providing excellent stability for its size. The mono-concave bottom provides instant acceleration and the turns are best described as electric. Five years of shortboard experience is all packed into this shape, which excels in clean surf as much as onshore and mushy conditions. "Mono-concave running the entire length of the board"

7'11"x30" Seven Eleven

From small to larger surf, it handles all with style.
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The short board that gives ample stability with the smoothest ride imaginable. It's a fun, easy to ride board with the ability to crank a tight turn. But what sets it apart is the drive and seamless rail-to-rail turning that s a real joy to experience.

9'8"x29" Pro

"The choice for waves of consequence"
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This 9'8" has maintained its position in the Pro range as the board for larger surf. Like the other boards in the Pro range, overall thickness and rail volume is greatly reduced along with the flattening of the deck profile. Outline is similar with a long, gun-like pintail, but the entry rocker has good glide and entry into waves. "Single concave to V just at tail"

7'10"x31.5" Air Born

"Small surf, extraordinary performance!"
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For those looking for ultra-high performance and stability in small surf, the Air Born 7'10'x31.5" has all the characteristics of the 30" board and more. We traded 1/10 of an inch thickness for 1.5 inches of width, keeping almost the same volume. This ultra-thin profile allows the board to flex more and store all the energy ready for release on your airs or cutbacks, while providing extra stability and control. This is the ultimate performance fish. "Mono-concave merging to double concave with tail V"