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Starboard 2019 Astro Touring

I-SUP Board Brands

What's in the box
» Astro iSUP board complete
» 3 Part Adjustable Tuf Skin breakdown paddle
» Starboard branded double action Pump 
» Starboard branded lightweight SUP Leash 
» Waterproof Key Pouch with lanyard and armband
» Repair Kit 
» Zen Carrying / Storage bag
» Blue Chip Inflation Gizmo
What else do you get with your board package
» Over 50 years of Blue Chip watersports experience
» FREE 2 Year International Warranty
» FREE standard mainland delivery
» FREE £25 discount voucher Click Here for details  
» FREE SUP Lesson for you or a friend 
» A heavy-duty leash fixing on the tail
» Heavy-duty mooring eye on the nose
» A central carrying handle built into the deck
» Luggage Net Fixing Points
» Blue Chip Customer Service
Why buy from Blue Chip
The Knowledge Zone
Over 50 years of water sports knowledge

  Length Width Thickness Volume Rider Weight * Package value Our Price   ex Vat
Zen 11'6 29" 6" 309 50-100 £1119 £869 £724.174
Deluxe DC 11'6 29" 6" 309 50-100 £1415 £1165 £970.84
Zen 12'6 30" 6" 351 55-110 £1119 £869 £724.17
Deluxe DC 12'6 30" 6" 351 55-110 £1425 £1175 £979.17
Zen 14' 30" 6" 380 60-120 £1149 £899 £749.17
Deluxe DC 14' 30" 6" 380 60-120 £1485 £1235 £1029.17
11'6 x 29" Touring 12'6 x 30" Touring 14' x 30" Touring

Straighter & narrower outline makes for a faster & smoother glide.
• Wider nose & tail replaces the volume from a narrower mid section, providing a more balanced trim & glide.
• Ultra strong & extra reinforced US centerfin box.
• Shoulder carry strap makes it easier and more comfortable to carry.

Target rider:
Suited to riders up to 120kg wanting faster stable glide from the longer streamline shape. Conditions: Ideal for short or long distances, flat or small chop, the Touring makes the journey possible!

Key features:
• All boards feature a bungee on the nose and tail to store gear and supplies for paddling on longer distance adventures.
• FCS inserts in the standing area and at the nose allow mounting accessories using the ram mount supplied.

Both Zen and Deluxe 6” thick for optimum stiffness helps keep feet dry and ability to carry extra gear and supplies from the added volume.

Fastest glide for riders up to 120kg, perfect for carrying gear for long distance paddles.Straighter & narrower outline reduces the width from 31” to 30”, increasing speed and improving tracking from holding the paddle straighter to the board. Nose and tail are wider to replace stability lost from the standing area. Wider tail makes it easier to perform a step back turn.

Suited for riders up to 110kg, 12’6” combines a balance of speed, stability and maneuverability.Narrower width is faster to paddle and easier to track in a straight line. Parallel outline recovers stability lost from the standing area and delivers a more balanced glide. Wider tail outline makes it much easier to turn.

Suited to lighter riders up to 100kg, the 11’6” is lighter weight to carry and easiest to turn from the shorter length. Faster glide from the width reducing from 30” to 29”. The stability is preserved with the wider nose and tail outline.

A very light board collection: Re-engineered Zen technology: more fibres, less coating and less glue usage due to the new heat welded rails. On the water you will sense the acceleration and fun feel of a light hull.

Clean Technology:
The lamination process uses minimal glue and solvent and packing of the board is free of plastic.

Faster board inflation, with less effort: The benchmark V8 flow valve gets you to 15–18 PSI faster and with less effort than most twin cylinder pumps but half the size and half the weight.

The exclusive and innovative lightweight Starboard SUP leash will be your best paddling partner in flat water and touring conditions.
Leash is NOT suited to waves or white water. Compact in design and at only 70g, it is strong, comfortable and effortless to wear.

Click here to see Starboard Astros fittings and construction in full detail
Stiffer, stronger and easier to inflate, the Inflatable range offers boards for racing,
cruising, fishing, yoga and river paddling.