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Starboard 2019 Astro River Deluxe

I-SUP Board Brands

What's in the box
» Astro iSUP board complete
» 3 Part Adjustable breakdown paddle
» Starboard branded double action V8 Pump 
» Blue Chip White Water SUP coil Leash 
» White Water Quick Release waist belt 
» Waterproof Key Pouch with lanyard and armband
» Repair Kit 
» Applicable Astro Carrying / Storage bag 
» Blue Chip Inflation Gizmo
What else do you get with your board package
» Over 50 years of Blue Chip watersports experience
» FREE 2 Year International Warranty
» FREE standard mainland delivery
» FREE £25 discount voucher Click Here for details  
» FREE SUP Lesson for you or a friend 
» A heavy-duty leash fixing on the tail
» Heavy-duty mooring eye on the nose
» A central carrying handle built into the deck
» Luggage Net Fixing Points
» Blue Chip Customer Service
Why buy from Blue Chip
The Knowledge Zone
Over 50 years of water sports knowledge

Length Width Thickness Volume Rider Weight * Board weight ** Package value Our Price ex Vat
Deluxe 11' 34" 150 356 60-115 kg 9.12 kg £1,379 £1249 £965.84
Deluxe 10' 11" 31" 150 323 50-95kg 8.2 kg £1,469 £1199 £999.17
Deluxe 9' 6" 36" 150 334 55-105 kg 8.2 kg £1,469 £1199 £999.17
Deluxe 9' 6" 36" 150 334 50-105 kg 8.2 kg    (2017) £1,349 £850  

“Mind-blowing performance for whitewater paddling” 

Wider squarer nose improves stability to ride even more extreme and challenging river runs.
New 10’11”x31” narrow outline makes it our fastest river racer.
Standing tray with built up EVA sidewalls allows riders to use the slight rail to wedge their feet for additional support in tough conditions.
New deep diamond grooving in the standing area increases traction with less risk of slipping off when wearing footwear.
Ultra strong & extra reinforced US centre fin box.

11' x 34 10'11" x 31" 9'6" x 36"

Longer models offer faster glide for river racing, while the 9’6” is more maneuverable and reactive for technical courses. 6” thick gives stiffness and volume to handle steep drops.
From entry level slow running rivers up to progressive fast flowing rapids.

Key Features:

  • Multiple reinforced carry handles on all corners for easy access ack onto the board
  • Convenient bungee ties down on the nose for carrying essential gear.
  • Extra durable double layer skin deck and bottom for greater impact resistance from hitting rocks in the rivers.
  • Shallow white-water fins optimizes tracking and turning with minimal drag and risk of hitting obstacles in shallow water.
  • Centre Ph-River fin improves tracking.

11' x 34" Dedicated river racing performance (recommended for UK conditions)

Suited to riders up to 115 kg, 11’0”x34” has more glide than the 9’6” and is more stable than the 10’11”, making it a stable and fast river racer. New wider nose, inspired from the Hyper Nut, boosts stability and helps the board pop back up when submerging the nose in steep drops.

10' x 31" Dedicated river racing performance

The new 10’11” is slightly shorter than the 11’0” but significantly narrower at 31”. This narrowness reduces the surface area, reducing drag and increasing the overall glide and top speed. The wide tail is stable to step back and manoeuvre, while the pulled in nose is all about efficiency and speed.

9'6" x 36" Mind-blowing performance for whitewater paddling

Short, compact and stable, the 9’6” is designed to manoeuvre the most technical river runs. The 9’6” accommodates up to 105kg and will take first timers from navigating basic class 1 and 2 rapids up to advanced white-water performance. A new wider and squarer shaped nose increases stability to handle bigger drops and more extreme river runs. The tail is marginally wider to give more stability when stepping back to turn. Increased nose rocker stops the nose from diving and helps safely drop into steeper runs

A great sensation while paddling: The triple-sandwich rail laminate acts as dual stringer stiffeners and also make the rails incredibly strong. We replace double PVC layers with twin 2000 denier deck and bottom stringers, providing the board that rigid, crisp and stiff feel.

Clean Technology: The lamination process uses minimal glue and solvent and packing of the board is free of plastic.

Faster board inflation, with less effort: The benchmark V8 flow valve gets you to 15–18 PSI faster and with less effort.

The exclusive and innovative heavy duty Blue Chip non snagging coil leash plus the exclusive Blue Chip White Water Quick Release waist belt will be your best paddling partner in white water conditions.
White water Leash set up. Compact white-water leash setup, it is strong, comfortable and effortless to wear.


  •  6″ (150mm) dropstitch for a good balance between volume and stiffness.
  •   Standing tray.
  •  Twin 2000 Denier center stringer for added stiffness and rigidity.
  •  2000 Denier sandwiched rail stiffening strip.
  •  Reinforcement plates in the standing areas
  •  Excellent tracking from the FCS quad and centre US box setup
  •  Wide, light weight, 2mm crocodile skin EVA deck pads all the way to the rail of the board. 4mm diamond groove crocodile EVA deck pad on the tail.
  •  Neoprene paddle holder and carry strap on the tail.
  •  Quality padded central neoprene carry handle.
  •  Nose and tail d-rings.
  •  Forward and rear cargo areas with bungee straps.
  •  White water Leash set up. Compact white-water leash setup, it is strong, comfortable and effortless to wear..

Starboard Re-Cover Zen Bag

  • Twin roller wheels for easy transport Padded cover
  • Inside and outside compressions straps
  • Reinforced diamond PVC for increased durability around the base
  • Name tag window
  • Strong, non corrosive zipper
  • The lightweight, durable and innovative choice for serious travellers

V8 Double Action Pump

  • Inflate your board with faster and easier continuous pumping cycle both in down and up actions.
  • With a switch, the double action pump can convert to single action for easy inflation up to 18PSI.
  • Allows effortless inflation due to the increased diameter of the intake and exhaust valves.
  • The ergonomically designed foot pad creates a stable, comfortable platform for sustained effort in getting your board up to 18PSI, in the shortest amount of time.
  • The V8 pump supplied with Deluxe models also has a removable foot for easy storage

Click here to see Starboard Astros fittings and construction in full detail
Stiffer, stronger and easier to inflate, the Inflatable range offers boards for racing,
cruising, fishing, yoga and river paddling.