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Blue Chip Corporate SUP days

I-SUP Board Brands

1st ASI SUP School in Europe 1st ASI SUP Instructor in Europe

Blue Chip SUP School (established in 2008) in  Kingston, Guildford and Molesey was the first ASI accredited SUP School in Europe

Thames Sailing Club in Kingston Upon Thames is a great place to start and progress your SUP adventure. With full club facilities Changing Rooms, Showers etc. This is a great place which we often use on our Wednesday evening paddles.
Most beginner and intermediate coaching will take place here

Blue Chip Corporate SUP days including our Mega boards..

Come for a cruise on one of our Blue Chip Mega boards
For more information on our corporate SUP days, just send us a mail outlining your requirements such as dates, times, numbers, catering requirements etc. and what is the main criteria for the day such as team building, learning, fun etc. click here to send a mail
We hold our corporate days at Thames Sailing Club, Surbiton  (17 minutes from Waterloo) and only 10 minutes walk to the river where we have full clubhouse facilities.
Thames Sailing Club, Portsmouth Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 4HH click on the link for map.
Surbiton Railway Station (17 minutes from Waterloo) is only 10 minutes walk away from TSC
see the link above. (there is parking at the Club)

If you need to know more details, just send an email to:

What should I bring for a taster session?

Paddleboarding is not a falling in sport. Virtually none of our clients fall in – and any dunkings that have occurred (are almost always due to over-exuberance (and thus entirely avoidable if you want to stay dry)

So you’re not actually going to get wet, you really don’t need any special kit for paddleboarding (unless you’re going out in the waves, which is not on the agenda for any of our taster sessions). However, if you want to play safe there would be no harm in having a change of clothing and a towel in your car for your first few sessions, just in case.

Your feet are the only part of your body that will come into contact with the water, but boards have good grip so bare feet or some old trainers will be fine. If you have surf boots you want to use then by all means bring them, but they certainly are not necessary. Shorts (or skirt) are the best bet, but you could always just roll your trouser-legs up if there’s no other option.

Sunglasses are advisable, and on hot days it’s worth having some sun screen on , as you always burn faster on the water.

Other than that, just bring yourself and your enthusiasm. You’re going to have fun out there

Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Thames from Teddington to Shepperton twice a week, every week. Blue Chip has been a professional water sports store since 1980 and at the forefront of SUP in the UK since the beginning. Check out our Blue Chip SUPer Club online blog with 200,000+ viewings, we are not just following a trend and jumping on the band wagon, we're setting the trend and moving the sport forward all the time. Blue Chip is probably the leading SUP store and SUP school in the UK.

Brian Johncey, a water sports professional since 1970, a highly qualified instructor with over 40 years experience, bringing knowledge, experience and passion to SUP. Since 1970, Brian has been qualified as a canoe instructor, sub aqua instructor and windsurfing instructor. Brian was the first in the Europe to successfully fully complete the Academy of Surfing Instructors course to ASI levels 1 & 2. Brian is also a qualified RYA Power Boat levels 1 & 2 and high speed planing and control. Brian has qualified as an "Activity First Aider" and has a "National Rescue Award" from the Royal National Life Saving Society, and also has an enhanced CRB certificate.

Thames Sailing Club in Kingston Upon Thames is a great place to start and progress your SUP adventure. With full club facilities Changing Rooms, Showers etc. This is a great place which we often use on our Wednesday evening paddles.
Most beginner and intermediate coaching will take place here

The SUP phenomenon:

When SUP first came to the UK, Blue Chip embraced this up and coming water sport. Blue Chip soon gained a reputation as the leading store and knowledge base for SUP in the UK. At Blue Chip, customer service, reputation, experience and knowledge of the sport matters.

The Numbers:

Over the past few years, many hundreds of people have enjoyed the Blue Chip SUP Taster Sessions. Blue Chip SUPerlub has over 140,000 viewings of its on-line paddling adventures. Club has over 150,000 viewings of its on-line paddling adventures.

The Blue Chip SUP School Experience:  

Over 40 years of experience, knowledge and passion in teaching water sports has taught us not to compromise on the details, details such as the equipment we use, the teaching techniques we use and the passion we give to the sport of Stand Up Paddling. The past 40 years have given Blue Chip a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion, that we bring to every SUP lesson.

  • Our SUP Lessons run on the principle of safety, knowledge, fun and more fun.
  • All our instructors are Qualified ASI SUP Instructors in Flat Water Level 1 and Open Water Level 2
  • Brian Johncey (head instructor) was the first ASI qualified instructor in Europe
  • Blue Chip SUP School was the first ASI accredited SUP School in Europe
  • Our comprehensive SUP taster sessions take you through every aspect of SUP


The Blue Chip SUP School syllabus  

We provide a small energy snack and bottled water as part of your course  

Overall Safety:

  • Awareness of the environment and potential risks of chosen paddle locations:
  • Other water craft and rights of passage
  • Coastal tides, springs, neaps and tidal ebbs
  • Static and dynamic hazards
  • Winds & wind fetch.
  • River flows and currents
  • River tides, springs, neaps and tidal ebbs
  • Leashes
  • Buoyancy Aids
  • Locks
  • How to cope with emergency situations
  • Self rescue 

Equipment Review:

  • Board designs including hard shell and inflatable plus their relevant advantages
  • Paddle designs and their relevant advantages
  • Using a board leash, which style of leash to use etc
  • We will have a variety of equipment to demonstrate the various attributes

Land based practical:

  • Attaching the leash to your board correctly .
  • The correct way to stand on the board, including footedness
  • How to pick up and carry the board safely with consideration to current conditions

Water based technique

  • Entering the water safely and things to be aware of
  • Getting on board
  • Paddle technique including the 4 phases of:-
    • 1. Blade entry
    • 2. Catch
    • 3. Stroke
    • 4. Recovery
  • Moving the board past the anchored blade Core rotation
  • Knee paddling and prone paddle technique
  • Transition from prone paddling to standing with paddle to start paddling
  • How to fall off the board safely
  • How to turn the board
  • Safe dismount from the board with paddle
  • How to cope with emergency situations
  • Self rescue

Session Debriefing:

  • Questions and answers
  • Information on progressing your SUPing
  • Accessing Blue Chip SUPer Club equipment for practice
  • Signing off your ASI logbook

Discover your local water ways like never before

  • No Wind or Waves required
  • Great Fun on the Water
  • Any one can do it
  • Great core work out
  • Cruise the inland water ways
  • Surf on the smallest of UK waves


 If you haven't tried this stimulating new water sport, then take the opportunity and try one of our taster sessions. SUP appeals to boys, girls, men and women of all ages, check out the video below. Our taster sessions take place near to Hampton Court on the quite waters of the upper Thames with some great back drops


Blue Chip SUP Taster Sessions

 We offer a "SUP Taster Session" in which we cover board and paddle design including their relevant applications and advice on which type of boards and paddles would best suit for your individual requirements. We give you the opportunity to try SUP boarding in a safe environment where you will also be able to try various boards and paddles to get an understanding of how they could affect your paddling. Blue Chip "SUP.
During your Blue Chip Taster Session you will be partnered with an experienced SUPer on a ratio of no more than two novices to one experienced paddler so you will have a high level of guidance (and fun).
Maximum Student/Staff Ratio 4:1