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APS is currently busy on the banks of Loch Laggan carrying out field trials of the new EcoGuard Midge Repellent; the active ingredient is Saltidin®, the sponsors of the Scottish Midge Forecast.

Saltidin® is designed to be an effective biting insect repellent, which is gentle on the skin and without the downsides of some other repellents such as being harmful to plastics etc. It is non-toxic, long-lasting, not sticky and is suitable for use on children over the age of two.

Following encouraging laboratory studies of EcoGuard with biting midges, the current field trials involve ‘volunteers’ exposing their repellent-treated forearms at regular time periods throughout the evening with the aim of determining both the efficacy and longevity of the product. Counts are made of the numbers of midges both landing on- and attempting to feed on the volunteer’s arm.

The image below clearly shows the level of protection provided by the product! EcoGuard Midge Repellent can be purchased online at the