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Tiki SUP Boards

I-SUP Board Brands

Re-vamp for 2017 affordable quality iSUPs
£479 £669 £699 £755
6'10" Kids Board 9'10 White Water 10'5 White Water 12'6 Rough Water Adventure
Tiki Whip-it Tiki Skud Tiki Glider Tiki Venture
Quad Layering System:

The Tiki "Brat Pack" has been designed and constructed to be one of the toughest iSUP boards on the market with excellent construction / weight ratio.  Brat Pack boards have a "quad layering" system  for the deck plus the EVA deck  pad, the under side has a 3 layer build with a "quad layering" rail band for 100% security. The Brat Pack boards also feature a high rate of drop stitch which along with the 6" depth gives superb stiffness 

Deck Fittings:

The deck fittings are without compromise including the front and side grab handles and a heavy duty centre handle