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STX Air Boards

I-SUP Board Brands

New for 2017 affordable quality iSUPs
£599 £599 £529 £429
12'6 Air Cruiser 11'6 Air Wind SUP 10'6 Air Rider 9'8 Air Blast
Double Layering System:

The STX "Air Boards" have been designed and constructed to be an important addition to the quality AIR SUP market.  STX Air Boards have excellent construction / weight ratio.  STX Air boards have a "full dual layering" system   plus a generous  EVA deck  pad, the boards have a dual layer rail band for 100% security. The STX Air boards also feature a high density of drop stitch which along with the 4" & 6" depth gives superb stiffness.

Each board comes with stainless steel "D" ring mounts for secure stowage.  

Slot In fin box system:

The STX "Air Boards" use the proven "slot in" fin box system used by many other brands such as Naish and Mistral.

The STX polycarbonate paddle has a full high aspect blade to give effortless long distance cruising