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 Mistral I-SUP Boards 2017

I-SUP Board Brands

11' 5 Lombok 10' 6" Sumatra 9' 6" Java 11' 5" Santa Anna
Heritage 11' 5" Adventure 12' 6" Equipe 12'6" Spirit 11'5" Nautique
  Mistral Rig Packs  

Quality of Construction
There are inflatables on the market with a smaller price tag but remember, you always get what you pay for! As you trust the board that keeps you afloat it is wise to do your home work first and make sure the board you are buying is strong, very durable, well constructed and a reliable travel companion. Mistral inflatable SUP boards are made using heavy duty pvc, hardened rubber materials and have multiple layers of urethane, polymer and uv protection to create a protective barrier around a drop stitch core.

With drop stitch construction, thousands of fine polyester threads connect both the top and bottom layers, creating a stronger link that can withstand much higher pressures. Higher pressure make for a more rigid floor, which can enhance paddling performance. This process creates a highly durable and extremely rock-hard rigid inflatable board offering a ride very similar to a regular hard board.

The Mistral inflatables are very durable and light to carry and can be used for a variety of paddling, from entry level cruising to speed racing and from paddling in the surf to beginners in SUP (rental) centers. These exceptional SUPs are easily stored in apartments, in the overhead compartments of planes or in the back of your car.

The Mistral fins are industry standard and either the quick fit easy slide on fins secured with a clip or the established US box fin system  .

Creating the World's Lightest iSUP

During 2014, Mistral launched the World’s first inflatable stand up paddleboard (iSUP) range, manufactured using a revolutionary new internal construction technology.


Thanks to the outstanding ability and experience of technicians working in cooperation with Mistral, combined with European based state-of-the-art production facilities and technology, coated fabrics of superb quality using multiple-layers of PVC, have been developed successfully and are now being manufactured exclusively for Mistral. The double-wall fabric is a three-dimensionally woven structure, the two basic fabrics interlinked with numerous spacer threads. Instead of using single linear polyester threads, this new German advanced technology, incorporates a woven, drop-down construction. The result is a much lighter, durable and stiffer board.

• Made in Europe with superior raw materials and 100% REACh Certificated quality
• Weights: Due to the construction methods, weights listed are +/− 10%
• Woven drop-down construction replacing unstable Jersey drop-down knitting
• Lightest and most torsion stiff double wall fabric worldwide
• Warp and weft tensile strength up to 50% more durable than existing technology