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Neoprene Accessories

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ION Ballistic 6/5mm Winter split toe boots:

ION Ballistic 6/5mm Split Toe Wetsuit Boot 2012.
Designed for those wanting extra protection for their feet while in the water…
The Ion Ballistic Sole is equipped with an extra layer of true ARAMID protection fibres. These fibres are also used in bullet-proof vests for example. Compared to conventional neoprene boots the ION Ballistic Sole provides superior protection against many sharp mussels, reef, sea urchins, etc. The ION Ballistic Sole provides the best combination of protection and flexibility for your foot! And the ION Ballistic split toe boot is Super Warm.

  • Fully Glued Blind-Stitch water sealing
  • Kevlar ® Protection Sole: Super resistant against sharp mussels, coral reef and other sharp objects
  • Internal Split Toe Construction to eliminate spongy feeling in the toe area
  • Instep Velcro Adjuster to fix the foot firmly in the heel cap for best stability
  • Crash Pads for extra protection of the instep / shin area
Euro Size Ref 40-41 42 43-44
UK Size Ref 7 8 9
Price £49.95 £49.95 £49.95


Gun Sails Titan 5 mm Neo Boots

  • 5 mm neoprene boot for the coldest surf days
  • Easy dressing by flexible neoprene
  • Velcro fastening on instep
  • Large reinforcement on toe area, flexible non-slip sole
  • Blind-stitched and watertight seams
  • Durable sole
Euro Size Ref 39 40-41 42 43-44 45 46/47
UK Size Ref 6 7 8 9 10 11
Price £37 £37 £37 £37 £37 £37


Sola 5 mm zipped Neo Boots

  • 5 mm neoprene boot for the coldest surf days
  • Easy zipped watertight entry
  • Large reinforcement on toe area, flexible non-slip sole
  • Blind-stitched and watertight seams
  • Durable sole
Euro Size Ref 40 41 42 43 44
UK Size Ref 6 7 8 9 10
Price £29.95 £29.95 £29.95 £29.95 £29.95


Summer Slipper 2.5 mm - The double-layered rubber sole is very solid, but also flexible enough to ensure a comfortable roll of the foot due to the special slot in the bending area of the toes.

  • L-Class Neoprene on Limestone basis, has a higher density and ensures an improved form stability and support (especially in the area of sole and instep)
  • Limestone Neoprene is produced from calcium carbonate and is classified as more ecologically sustainable than common oil-based neoprene fabrication
  • Tuff Stuff jersey lamination in areas where robustness and durability have top priority (instep, sole)
  • Rubber Sole patches protect the foot and are elevated at the sides in order to provide the shoe with positive-locking hold and stability
Euro Size Ref 38/39 40-41 42 43-44 45/46
UK Size Ref 6 7-7½ 8-9 9½-10½ 11-11½
Price £29.95 £29.95 £29.95 £29.95 £29.95


Neoprene Hoods

£20 £20 £20

The Neo Hood is the perfect accessories for the really cold windsurfing days. The sophisticated combination of smooth skin neoprene and double-lined S-class neoprene provides an outstanding heat insulation in the head area and a high wearing comfort without choking at the neck. The soft Thermo Plush inner jersey feels very comfortable and keeps you warm. Little holes in the ear area improve acoustics and orientation.

  • Skin Neoprene reduces the evaporative cooling effect (indchill factor) with its smooth surface due to faster drying in comparison to DL
  • Double Lined (DL) Neoprene is more elastic, robust and can be used in many colours compared to the black skin neoprene
  • Hybrid Neoprene refers to a combination of DL and skin neoprene panels in order to use specifically the different advantages of the materials
  • Limestone Neoprene is produced from calcium carbonate and is classified as more ecologically sustainable than common oil-based neoprene fabrication.
  • S-Class Neoprene on Limestone basis, for extraordinary elasticity, wearing comfort and warmth
  • Glued Blind Stitch seams are first glued edge to edge and additionally stitched with blind-stitch machines what makes them robust and nearly waterproof.
  • Thermo Plush inner jersey at the entire front torso ensure cozy warmth and high wearing comfort
  • Melco Tape reinforcement patches at many stressed points avoid a bursting of the seams


Neoprene Headbands

Neoprene Headband out of 1.5 mm neoprene adjustable Velcro fastening


Neoprene Head Set

Head Set Super light head protection helmet out of EVA hard foam


  • Interior Neoprene for insulation and comfort
  • Individual Velcro size adjustment Chin protection


Neoprene Full Finger Gloves

  • Long Fingered Gloves
  • 2 mm neoprene
  S M L XL
Price £18 £18 £18 £18



5mm & 3mm Pre-bent Neoprene gloves

  • Liquid seams for total water block
  • Super supple neoprene
  • Pre-bent fingers
  M L
Price for the 5mm Pre-bent neoprene gloves £23.95 £23.95

Price for the 3mm Pre-bent super supple neoprene gloves £19.95 £19.95


1.5 mm Stacked HyperFlex Neoprene gloves

Stacked gloves are the warmest, softest, and most technical pair of 1.5mm gloves on the water, and they're competitively priced.  Features 100% lightweight stretch neoprene for maximum flexibility and better control; sealed & liquid taped exterior seams to eliminate cold water flushing; and a hi-grip palm.

  • Liquid seams for total water block
  • 1.5 mm super stretch neoprene
  • Pre-bent fingers
  M L
Price £27.95 £27.95


Short Finger Gloves


Short Fingered Gloves

  • 1.5 mm neoprene
  • adjustable by Velcro
  S M L XL
Price £15 £15 £15 £15


Palm Talon 2mm Open Palm Mitts (designed by paddlers for Paddlers)

These are the specifically designed for paddlers to give
exceptional grip while keeping your hands warm 

Palmless Mitts. The Talon mitten allows you to maintain paddle grip and still keep your hands warm. These mitts really work, they keep your hands warm and in perfect contact with the paddle preventing cramping

Thermofibre lined neoprene
A high pile fleece lining makes this neoprene exceptionally warm and comfortable, while keeping the thickness and weight of the fabric to a minimum.
Titanium neoprene
A very thin and flexible titanium coating added to the neoprene reflects body heat back toward you, reducing heat loss.
2mm Thick
These mitts have exceptional warmth and incredible flexibility.  

  • Pre-curved mitten design
  • Open palms with hi-vis grippy print
  • Grip embedded onto the surface of the mittens
  • All seams glued and blind-stitched 
  • Mesh neoprene upper
  • Velcro elasticated wrist closure.
£21.95 £21.95 £21.95


  M L
Neo Beanie:  Neo Beanies keep your head warm and
comfortable on the beach or out on the water. Flatlock stretch seams;
Loser Leash elastic string loop inside of the beanie: Use a simple larks-head
knot to tie the loser leash to the zipper pull webbing of your wetsuit


 Main Features:

  • Wind Proof: neoprene beanie keeps your head comfortable and warm on the beach or on the water
  • Strong Flat Lock: flexible, non irritating seams
  • Warm Limestone Neoprene: eco-awareness starts with the raw materials
  • Loser leash 
  • Super Stretch S-Type Neoprene