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FlyMount 4th Generation

I-SUP Board Brands

The Original FlyMount 4th Generation Action Camera Mount

Tested by Blue Chip:  We have been testing the FlyMount for over 4 months now on the Blue Chip adventure paddles and it has become our favourite camera mount. Very light, positive and secure. we use it mainly on our paddles with the GoPro. Can be mounted top or bottom of the shaft


Flymounts were the world’s first camera mount designed specifically for action photography, and are now used by TV crews, pro photographers and athletes across the globe.    Our unique system works with virtually ANY camera on the market, giving a bomb proof attachment to roll bars, bike frames, handle bars, windsurf masts and any other tubular object.


Flymounts are made from glass reinforced Nylon 6-6, and marine grade stainless steel, to ensure unbeatable resistance to sunshine, saltwater and extremes of temperature.  


Weighing just 166g (5.85oz), Flymounts are one of the lightest mounts on the market today, allowing our customers to film without feeling the weight of a heavy mount on their kit.

FlyMount 4th Generation for Go Pro
FlyMount 4th Generation GoPro and
tripod fitting